Birthday: Gloria Swanson, March 27, 1899

Gloria Swansonborn March 27, 1899 (or 1897) portrait by Ernest Bachrachmore about Gloria can be found at Glorious Gloria and Gloria Swanson

Birthday: Alan Arkin, March 26, 1934

Alan Arkinborn March 26, 1934Arkin is famous for being my husband’s favorite actoroh yeah and I guess other people like him too, what with him being so damned awesome and alland will someone release “Simon” on DVD already for the love of cornphoto is a promotional still from “Catch-22”tons about Alan can be found at Alan Arkin Fans

Birthday: El Brendel, March 25, 1891

El Brendelborn March 25, 1891El is the patron saint of She Blogged By Nightmore about El can be found at Give Me the Good Old Days! and, of course, herepictured are El Brendel and Greta Nissen from “Women of All Nations”

Birthday: Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, March 24, 1887

Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckleborn March 24, 1887 publicity still for the lost 1921 film “Brewster’s Millions”more about Roscoe can be found at Call Me Fatty! A Tribute to Roscoe Arbuckle

Birthday: Joan Crawford, March 23, 1908

Joan Crawfordborn March 23, 1908 (allegedly) portrait by Ruth Harriet Louisemore Joan can be found at Legendary Joan Crawford

Attention TCM: "The Brain That Wouldn’t Die" also comes in a lemon fresh unedited version!

Today I realized TCM was going to show the 1962 cult (and MST3K) classic “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” tonight, and spent most of my day rubbing my hands together in the internationally recognized oh-boy-this-is-gonna-be-great fashion. You can imagine my glee when I realized immediately that the film had been edited. Unless I’m mistaken, there’s an icky icky shot of brain in the opening surgery scene. That was missing. There’s some saucy bits with a couple of dancers later on that was excised, and a little PG gore at the end which explains those very obvious blood streaks on the wall of the basement-bar-laboratory. Oh wait, that wasn’t glee I was feeling. That was irritation. Years ago I complained about recording a copy of “Rich and Famous” from TCM which had half of the profanity bleeped out. Someone on rec.arts.movies.past-films swore that TCM didn’t add the bleeps, they simply showed the wrong print of the film which had been partially bleeped for television. Sure, okay, that happens. However, the IMDb specifically lists a 70 minute “TCM print” on the “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die” Runtime entry. So is this an edited-specifically-for-TCM version? If so, why? Some of the best parts of this movie, the bits that make Dr. Cortner go from “deeply disturbed” to “batshit insane”, were removed, and that’s a damned shame. Considering the parts removed are mild by today’s standards, I’d love to know the reason for showing an edited print.