Halloween Cheesecake: Clara Bow and Esther Ralston

Over the years, I have collected a bunch of Halloween themed pictures, and was a bit irked at myself when I realized I didn’t have a specific set I was looking for.  Years ago, someone on a now-abandoned LiveJournal had posted starlets in Halloween cheesecake pics, but several pics of different starlets used the same props — a large moon and a fuzzy black cat, if I recall.  Despite getting lost in Google images for a week, I didn’t find those photos, but I did discover I had a whole series of Clara Bow pictures with the same crazy thing goin’ on: In a cute little checkered short-all outfit and some depressed ghosts: Same pumpkin, now in a black teddy: Same Halloween background, new enormous pumpkin, and yet another outfit: In a search for more pictures, within minutes I found this article from a 1927 magazine: I have a 1000px version here if you want to read the caption. Magazine scan courtesy the Flickr of silent_screen_queen. While at that Flickr account, I saw this: Esther Ralston with the same huge pumpkin and background.  Check out the witch and the pumpkin’s eyes:  Esther had her picture flipped horizontally.  And whatever happened to that pumpkin? Sold at auction? Pilfered by a prop girl? I think it’s safe to say the studio got their money’s worth out of these fine Halloween-based purchases. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Horror Hosts #5: Count Floyd

Count Floyd… …and friends.

Halloween Cheesecake #4

Salem Witch Korean War plane nose art, courtesy the B-29s in the Korean War website. The nose art was based on the George Petty original cheesecake: More here at Sexy Witch.

Dance of the Hoo-Hoo

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Coles Phillips cover of Life Magazine, 1927 Hat tip to Chris in comments for leading me to the elusive credit for this illustration!  My 39-year-old eyes just couldn’t make out the signature.

Bat Before the Moon

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Horror Hosts #1: Bob Wilkins

Bob Wilkins. Somebody with better eyes and/or substantial Trek cred will have to identify the picture he’s holding.