Santa Jack

My best boyfriend Jack having an off day. Please leave your puns about his beard at the door.


  1. It’s those puffy pants, skinny legs and baggy socks that crack me up!

  2. Stacia says:

    He needs those old man sock garters to complete the look.


  4. I used that same picture in a post at my old Salon Blogs digs about Benny’s classic guest appearance as Santa Claus on a Christmas-themed Phil Harris & Alice Faye show broadcast…

    JULIUS: Oh yeah? What would I find if I lifted up that white wig?

    BENNY: A brown one!

  5. MJ says:

    That’s not his beard, it’s a merkin!

  6. zeldafitz79 says:

    I love how miserable he looks. What great, dead pan expressions he could pull…it’s so funny to me how he could make his pauses on his radio show sound like this picture looks. :) Thanks for sharing!

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