2013 Silent Film Benefit Calendars are now!

Rodney Sauer of the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra is once again producing the terrific Silent Film Calendars, with proceeds this year going to benefit George Eastman House.

This year’s theme is Flying Machines, and as you can see from the cover, Wings (1927) features prominently. Look closely: The official SBBN patron saint El Brendel is on the left. That’s why you should buy two calendars, or maybe three.

Please check out the official page at the Mont Alto site here. Calendars are $14.72 for U.S. shipping, with modest discounts for buying more than one, and the profits go to a good cause! I’ve bought a calendar for the past several years, and they have been both fun and useful. The birthdays of silent film stars listed on the calendar has saved my bacon more than once. Plus, this year promises to have at least one photo of a dirigible, and you can’t pass that up. Nobody can.

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