Free 30 Days Streaming Video on Fandor

Fandor is currently offering a free 30-day trial of their streaming video service. Anyone who has been curious about Fandor but has never gotten around to trying it, now’s your chance!

Because neither computer in the house can really handle streaming that well anymore, I haven’t watched via Fandor (or any other streaming) for a year, but I can tell you that when I did the video was clear and the playback went without a hitch. It is definitely worth your time to sign up for a free month and check it out, because it’s probably even better now.

And while we’re here, allow me to recommend Fandor’s blog Keyframe, especially David Hudson’s series Daily. Today’s is a perfect example of how indispensable Daily is, although it is so indispensable that it will really cut into your layin’ around time.

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