She Blogged By Night 10th Anniversary Giveaway!

She Blogged By Night recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, and thanks to the generosity of Warner Archive, we can celebrate in style with a good old-fashioned giveaway! Heck, let’s make it two giveaways.

Giveaway #1: Superman The Movie: Extended Cut & Special Edition 2-Film Collection Made-on-Demand Blu-ray

Did you watch Superman (1978) on ABC when it made its TV premiere in 1982? I did! This off-the-hook television event added just over 40 minutes of footage not used in the theatrical release, creating a movie over three hours long that was shown over the course of two evenings in February, 1982. While I missed that version, I saw the later November showing which aired the entire movie in one night. I remember less about the movie than the begging that was required to let me stay up long enough to watch the finale.

For years, it was assumed this extended version had used some lower-quality elements for the added footage, but last year Warner Bros. discovered the master print of the 188-minute version in their collection, with the proper aspect ratio and the mono television audio mix. They’ve released this version on a made-on-demand Blu-ray, along with director Richard Donner’s 151-minute special edition which was previously released on Blu a few years back.

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Giveaway #2: The Hidden (1987) Made-on-Demand Blu-ray

Our second giveaway thanks to the fine folks at Warner Archive is the made-on-demand Blu-ray of The Hidden, the 1987 science fiction crime drama starring Kyle MacLachlan and Michael Nouri. Nouri is L.A. cop Tom Beck, flummoxed by a series of crimes that he is sure are related but can’t explain how or why. Enter mysterious FBI agent Lloyd Gallagher — played by Kyle MacLachlan! — with a wacky story about aliens and sports cars. This is pure, unadulterated 1980s, and it is glorious.

Enter with your email address in the Rafflecopter giveaway box below. The deadline is midnight Central time on October 23, 2017.

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Contest open to residents of the United States only. Ends at midnight Eastern time on October 23rd, 2017 (that’s technically late night October 22nd!) Blu-rays are new, sealed, made-on-demand Blus from Warner Archive, made to play on U.S. or Region 1 players only. Because they are made-on-demand they may not play on some computers or players.

Winners will be drawn on October 24, 2017 and notified within 48 hours. Please note: If your name is drawn, I’ll need a name, nickname, Twitter handle, or something similar to announce in the winner’s post, plus your street address to send your prize — I’ll contact you by the email address you’ve given, so make sure it’s one you check relatively frequently.

Thanks to all the regulars, the lurkers, the weirdos (me) and the cine-obsessed (also me) for sticking with She Blogged By Night for all these years!