An Important Content Announcement for SBBN Readers

Rita Hayworth in Cover Girl, courtesy Dr. Macro.   Long-time SBBN readers know that this blog began back on the Blogger (Google) platform many years ago, and along with She Blogged By Night came its slightly naughty sister blog, Technoknob. SBBN is now on my own website with a WordPress install but Technoknob, a blog with a teeny tiny bit of infamy, remains on Blogger. Blogger has recently announced that they no longer allow nudity, except for what they personally deem has enough “substantial public benefit” to be “allowable.” Every Blogger user behind an “adult content warning” page was told Monday by Google to delete sexually explicit content, or find their blog removed from every form of access except registered users. Until today, Google’s Blogger platform previously allowed “images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity,” and stated that “Censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.” That changed on a whim Monday when Google ripped the rug out from under its previously-compliant Blogger users, who were told they’d be disappeared if Google decided their blogs contain “sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video.” Over the last few years I’ve seen several LGBT blogs, horror movie blogs and art blogs get taken down by Blogger because of content despite Google’s policy stating that adult content was permissable. Some of these blogs were put back up with a splash page Content Warning imposed on them without their permission, while others were permanently … Continue reading


This is my They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They 1000 Greatest Films update, the last of the dull end-of-summer update posts for SBBN. I haven’t seen nearly as many of the films on my TSPTD1K list (or the supplemental Scorsese and IMDb lists) as I’ve wanted for various reasons, mostly because I’ve been spending a lot of time this year watching Kevin Brownlow’s Hollywood series, as well as The Story of Film. They are both excellent but at about an hour per episode, they really cut into my layin’ around time. TSPDT1K Recently Watched: 22. ANDREI RUBLEV (Andrei Tarkovsky / 1966 / USSR / 185m / Col-BW) 80. JEANNE DIELMAN, 23 QUAI DU COMMERCE, 1080 BRUXELLES (Chantal Akerman / 1975 / Belgium, France / 201m / Col) 128. WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE, A (John Cassavetes / 1974 / USA / 155m / Col) – had not seen the whole thing 379. STRANGER THAN PARADISE (Jim Jarmusch / 1984 / USA / 90m / BW) 462. DEVILS, THE (Ken Russell / 1971 / UK / 109m / Col) – instant review: Holy mother of god 592. DEAD MAN (Jim Jarmusch / 1995 / USA, Germany / 121m / BW) 839. FORT APACHE (John Ford / 1948 / USA / 127m / BW) The IMDb Top 250 recently watched: #6 The Dark Knight (2008) #14 Inception (2010) #16 Star Wars (1977) #49 The Departed (2006) #105 Batman Begins (2005) #170 There Will Be Blood (2007) #176 The King’s Speech (2010) #178 The Hunt … Continue reading

The End-of-Summer Boring Administrative Update

A few notes about SBBN that I’ve been putting off until there’s enough for one big post that’s easier to skip: * Recently, the blog has had a couple of periods of downtime due to some glitches which no one at my webhost can identify. My theory is that the most recent WordPress updates aren’t compatible with a few old posts that were imported from Blogger. I think I’ve found all the posts with errors, but if you get an Internal Server Error on any post, please drop me an email at staciakj (at) outlook so I can check into it. Thanks. * Part of the reason for my absence is that a blog is a lot of work nowadays, not in the posting but just in keeping the site running smoothly. There are always WordPress updates, there’s downtime and glitches, and worst of all, the spammers and hackers are relentless. Let me share a little glimpse at the hacking attempts I deal with: That’s just one of three anti-hacking add-ons I use, coupled of course with various other methods of keeping the blog from being hacked. Each one of those 9300 blocked IPs represents someone — mostly script kiddies and hackers, but also the occasional disgruntled individual — who tried to brute force hack into the blog by guessing the password. They try so steadily that nearly 10,000 attempts have been racked up since I reset this batch of stats eight months ago. Nearly 1600 attempts per month, or … Continue reading

Slight Delay: The Monster and the Ape

Due to several deadlines and every appliance I have ever touched breaking down on the same day, there won’t be any Monster and the Ape this week. I hope it will resume next week, if time and work permits.

Update: The October Edition

Arbogast on Film may or may not be open for the holidays! We all love Arbo and are glad he returns to us, even if it is only once a year. My husband’s art blog The Fuzzy Skeletonian has launched his 2013 Octoberweenpaloozaganza: Crumple Mania, so stop on by! As always, his blog has gory content of an adult nature, so it is NSFW. Most years, I post classic Hollywood Halloween photos on SBBN, but I have a busy month ahead, so I’ll be randomly posting a few Halloween photos (with quite a few reposts from previous SBBN years) over at my Tumblr. Note that my Tumblr can occasionally be NSFW, but I use the NSFW tag, even for manbutt, so I believe you can filter it easily. *** I will be doing The Monster and the Ape for my new classic movie serial recap series, and these would usually go live on Thursdays, but my hands are not faring well after ten articles and posts in eight days, so give me a day to recover. *** Some of my more recent posts elsewhere: My DVD review of The Undying Monster at ClassicFlix. My review for A Single Shot (2013) starring Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo and William H. Macy at Spectrum. A new Minnelli Oeuvre piece on The Bad and the Beautiful (1950) at Spectrum. ***            I’ll be participating in two blogathons in October: The Hitchcock Halloween Blogathon over at Backlots, and my third (and hopefully finally successful) try … Continue reading

Elsewhere: The Adorable Dogs and Hollywood Butts Edition

Things I’ve written elsewhere, and other stuff around the interwebs lately: My piece on The Human Factor (1979) as an underrated gem is up at Spectrum Culture. This is now available on MOD DVD at Warner Archives, in a print that I absolutely adored, because the grain was kept — all that delicious, nutritious 1970s grain — and it looks gorgeous. I don’t have Warner Archives Instant, but many of you do, so I thought I’d do a little browsing around and found a few things you might be interested in: Night Flight (1933) – Insane John Barrymore pre-Code that I’m not sure has even been on TCM before. An all-star cast and apparently a plot based on The Little Prince. Madam Satan (1930) – This one’s a no-brainer. If you haven’t seen it, and you have Warner Instant, go watch this now. Just… seriously, just stop everything you’re doing and go. Previous SBBN posts on Madam Satan can be found here and here. Simon (1980) – Available in high definition from Warner Instant. Just a few years ago you couldn’t even get a copy of this, now it’s on MOD DVD and Warner Instant. My Criminally Underrated post for Simon is here at Spectrum Culture. And, finally, my Oeuvre post for Vincente Minnelli’s The Pirate. Warning: I talk about Gene Kelly’s butt. *** Around the web: From February, a terrific post at Movie Morlocks by Susan Doll on one of my favorite actors, Sam Rockwell. Joan Crawford in a … Continue reading

State of the Blog: Summertime Edition

Welcome to a long overdue State of the Blog. What’s new for SBBN? Glad you asked. The thought of doing another serial right now gives me the kind of headache Robert Urich used to talk about on the TV machine. However, I do have a plan for a new Thursday series, not recaps of a serial but a classic film series, which I hope you will enjoy. Er, look, let me be honest with you: I hope I enjoy it first, and secondarily, I hope you will, too. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the Tumblr at Flashbulb Moment. It’s the same Tumblr I had before, repurposed into a random mishmash of all manner of things I like with a very vague Lester Bangs theme. There’s still some Old Hollywood posted over there, but also music, comic books, quotes, cheesecake, NSFW naughtiness, pretty much everything you can think of. It’s heavy on the Mountain Goats content right now because… guys, I think you’re old enough to know this about me: I get obsessed with things. Frequently. And whatever I’m obsessed with ends up on Flashbulb Moment. Check it out if you don’t mind the occasional nudity (not related to the Mountain Goats, probably) and randomness and Neil Diamond, because I am really starting to get my Neil Diamond on over there. The picture to the up and to the over-there is El Brendel and a couple of people I was too lazy to look up (but I’ll … Continue reading

State of the Blog: The Final Word on the Marie Prevost Project

This post is my detailed explanation of the brief notice I now have at the top of all my Marie Prevost Project posts. I continue to have problems with people wanting more info about Marie Prevost from me, and as much as I want to, I cannot delete my posts or even correct the mistakes in them — on the off chance there is a copyright issue in the future, I need a strong internet trail of where my posts were published and when, including leaving them as they were originally, which means keeping all my errors. Because the posts have to stay up, I decided a short blurb at the top of them would be the best, with a link leading here. The subject matter here will not be new to most SBBN regulars or anyone following me on Twitter, by the way. *** Over the years, I have received about 15 emails from people doing their own projects on Marie Prevost. Several of them have been very nice; these people are working on a documentary, some fictionalized accounts of her life, fanfic, school projects, books, and other awesome projects I fully support and wish those people the best of luck in. A couple of people sent me scans of their own stuff just to say thanks for what I had put on the blog. This is great stuff. If you fall into this category, my post here is not talking about you, please know that. The problem has … Continue reading

Delays, Delays

Between backhoe-induced insomnia (long story) and several pending deadlines, I won’t be posting a Raiders of Ghost City recap this week. I intended on getting a nice picture from Raiders to post here in lieu of content, but when I did an image search, all the good images I found were from SBBN. Looks like yours truly is the current internet expert on Raiders of Ghost City, which is a hell of a thing to say about me and you’d better take that back before I get really mad. Meanwhile, the coolest picture of Regis Toomey I’ve ever seen, from that classic 1948 movie you’ve never heard of, I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes.

Elsewhere and a Few Notes

I recently imported about 165 posts from the archives over here to the new blog, but the photos didn’t import, so please bear with me while I try to find the backups and restore pictures. My apologies if the mass import screwed with your RSS feeds. *** Here are a few items I’ve been enjoying lately from around the web: Dan Seeger’s review of Room 237 (2012). From last January, a series of scans of TV ads for NBC in September, 1973, over at Scenes from the Morgue. From Roger Ebert’s blog back in 2008, “Roger’s little rule book.” I am so guilty of “Respect the reader’s time” that it’s not funny, but I’m trying. A new Mayberry Monday! *** And two reviews I’ve posted at Spectrum lately while y’all wasn’t lookin’: Tomorrow You’re Gone (2012): Loathed it. Eden (2012): Meh. *** That’s it for today. More anon.