Halloween Postcard Circa 1915

So, this is a goblin with a bat on his crotch, a witch and her pal the Holy Ghost fighting off sentient vegetables, and a disembodied floating pumpkin. Sure, makes sense. Published by John Winsch, I believe this was the work of Samuel L. Schmucker. It’s a cut-and-paste job of a card, with bits of other cards turned into a new design. You can see the pumpkin head in this postcard, which I got from the link above: The witch and the veggies are from this card: And the goblin comes from this fantasy Halloween-themed card: The individual cards make a heck of a lot more sense than the amalgam card above. Yet, they don’t make that much sense on their own, truth be told.  

Joan Crawford, 1933


This is always a favorite: Joan Crawford on the cover of the Halloween edition of Rexall Magazine, 1933. This is from Breakroom of the Glorious Worker’s Paradise, which has an enormous spread of great vintage Halloween pictures. You should visit their site; you will not be disappointed.

Halloween Cheesecake: Unidentified Hotsy-Totsy


This unidentified hotsy-totsy (listed as Ruby Keeler on another site, though I don’t believe it is) is fetchingly posed in front of the same bats used on the wall behind Clara Bow in her Halloween cheesecake spread. If you know who this adorable lass is, let me know in comments! UPDATE: Christiane and Bob in the comments identify the model as Nancy Carroll. I recently posted several pics of her from a Halloween themed photo shoot, and this doesn’t look like Nancy to me at all… but, as you all know, I am infamously bad at recognizing faces, so I’m going to take their word for it.