The SBBN Blogiversary and Begging Post

She Blogged By Night celebrates its 8th anniversary today, something that is alternately awesome and horrifying. Thank you to those who have stuck around this long! Continue reading

An Important Content Announcement for SBBN Readers

Rita Hayworth in Cover Girl, courtesy Dr. Macro.   Long-time SBBN readers know that this blog began back on the Blogger (Google) platform many years ago, and along with She Blogged By Night came its slightly naughty sister blog, Technoknob. SBBN is now on my own website with a WordPress install but Technoknob, a blog with a teeny tiny bit of infamy, remains on Blogger. Blogger has recently announced that they no longer allow nudity, except for what they personally deem has enough “substantial public benefit” to be “allowable.” Every Blogger user behind an “adult content warning” page was told Monday by Google to delete sexually explicit content, or find their blog removed from every form of access except registered users. Until today, Google’s Blogger platform previously allowed “images or videos that contain nudity or sexual activity,” and stated that “Censoring this content is contrary to a service that bases itself on freedom of expression.” That changed on a whim Monday when Google ripped the rug out from under its previously-compliant Blogger users, who were told they’d be disappeared if Google decided their blogs contain “sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video.” Over the last few years I’ve seen several LGBT blogs, horror movie blogs and art blogs get taken down by Blogger because of content despite Google’s policy stating that adult content was permissable. Some of these blogs were put back up with a splash page Content Warning imposed on them without their permission, while others were permanently … Continue reading

Blogiversary Part 6

Six years ago today, SBBN opened its virtual doors. Featuring short articles with small pictures and misspelled words, the early days were heady and volatile, with fewer blogs, far less film sites, and everybody wasn’t on Twitter all damn day. A simpler time. I generally don’t spill the spleen about personal matters like this on SBBN, but I felt the frequent dead air accompanied with “not feeling well, please stay tuned” posts just weren’t cutting it anymore, and a more detailed explanation was due. Since it ties into why I created this blog in the first place, now is as good a time as any. When I started She Blogged By Night — oh, before I begin, someone cue up the meedle-dee-meedle-dee flashback music and the wavy psychedelic film effects, please? Thanks. Back when I started the blog, writing about film was an almost random decision. I was only looking for something to do, a hobby to get my mind off of what I called a “mystery illness.” I was in the midst of string of bad doctors, skewed Midwestern faux Judeochristian sexist quacks I was stuck with because no clinics that accepted my insurance were taking new patients. It was an exceptionally rough time for me, because I was ill to the point of not being able to do much of anything, but no doctor would believe me. Watching a movie and blogging about it was a low-impact kind of thing that kept me occupied and connected to others. … Continue reading

Friday, August 16: Watch Me Watch Star Wars (1977) for the First Time

A quick note for fans of all things Stacia: I’ll be watching Star Wars (1977) for the first time ever this Friday, August 16, at 8:00 PM Central. I’ll be tweeting along to it with the hashtag #starwars, and would be tickled if anyone wanted to join in, or just come by to point and laugh. The version of Star Wars (1977) I’ll be watching is the original theatrical version, the one found as a bonus on disc two of the 2006 DVD limited edition. I’ve heard this is a bad version from a 1993 telecine and blah blah blah, but I got tired of trying to sort out the mess caused by the re-edits (have you seen the Wikipedia articles on the edits? I blame you for this, Lucas), so I settled on this version. Why haven’t I seen Star Wars before? It just worked out that way, I guess. I was a little too young to have seen it in theaters. When it was re-released in 1981, I was busy being moved from town to state to another town by my parents, although I understand the movie had already been altered by then. We ended up going to Wrath of Khan in 1982 as a sort of consolation prize, and I consider that a Big Win, as ST:WOK was the first film I saw in a theater that I had a real emotional, visceral connection to. Then somehow I missed Star Wars when it was shown on CBS … Continue reading

State of the Blog: Summertime Edition

Welcome to a long overdue State of the Blog. What’s new for SBBN? Glad you asked. The thought of doing another serial right now gives me the kind of headache Robert Urich used to talk about on the TV machine. However, I do have a plan for a new Thursday series, not recaps of a serial but a classic film series, which I hope you will enjoy. Er, look, let me be honest with you: I hope I enjoy it first, and secondarily, I hope you will, too. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the Tumblr at Flashbulb Moment. It’s the same Tumblr I had before, repurposed into a random mishmash of all manner of things I like with a very vague Lester Bangs theme. There’s still some Old Hollywood posted over there, but also music, comic books, quotes, cheesecake, NSFW naughtiness, pretty much everything you can think of. It’s heavy on the Mountain Goats content right now because… guys, I think you’re old enough to know this about me: I get obsessed with things. Frequently. And whatever I’m obsessed with ends up on Flashbulb Moment. Check it out if you don’t mind the occasional nudity (not related to the Mountain Goats, probably) and randomness and Neil Diamond, because I am really starting to get my Neil Diamond on over there. The picture to the up and to the over-there is El Brendel and a couple of people I was too lazy to look up (but I’ll … Continue reading

Happy Carb Hangover Day!

At this moment, the clock has just ticked off 7:15 AM, and it is my understanding most of you are already awake, shopping for whatnots along with approximately 19 million others also shopping for the same whatnots at low, low prices. Frankly, this baffles me, because one of the best things about the internet is a little thing I like to call online shopping, and after a long day of gorging on carbs and poultry, I can’t imagine getting up early feels like the right thing to do. Meanwhile, El Brendel is still trying to get Thanksgiving dinner started.   Monty Hawes of All Good Things was kind enough to interview me for his Be My Guest feature this month, and the interview has just gone live. Read it here! You’ll learn who I got all my worst social habits from, the first 3D movie I ever (partially) saw, and I also reveal some especially embarrassing things which you can lord over me for years to come. Big thanks to Monty for asking me to join in! I spend most of my time here on SBBN apologizing for not being here on SBBN, which is what I’m doing now. The last couple of months have been chaos: Vacation -> Unemployment -> Deadlines -> Virus -> Broken Computer -> More Deadlines -> Another Virus. While the deadlines will continue as there are quite a few awesome year-end features going on at Spectrum Culture, I hope the rest has resolved enough that … Continue reading

State of the Blog: The Projects, Publishing and Pop Stars Edition

I know what you’re thinking: “Uh oh. There aren’t any pictures in this post. That’s never good.” But wait! Before you leave for peppier climes, read this one important bit: Over the next few weeks, I will be importing a lot of posts from the old Blogger site to this one. I’ve already imported three, as those of you who read SBBN through an RSS feed already know. The dates on many of these will remain the same as on the old blog, and being backdated means they won’t show up on the front page. However, they will show up as new posts on the RSS feed, so you may get spammed. I’ll try to be responsible with the imports, but after playing around with the import/export functions, I can make you no promises. And now, very exciting updates about all manner of interesting things, i.e. the part you can skip: 1. The Projects: About a year ago, I abandoned basically all SBBN projects and other various items I was working on. It wasn’t a permanent abandonment, and most of those posts I’m bringing over from the archives are the Bette Davis and Marie Prevost projects, which I am determined to continue, though Marie will be in a limited capacity. 2. Limited Marie: I’ve never made an official announcement, and now is as good a time as any, I guess. I have been working on what will eventually be a book on Marie Prevost. Now, the kicker is that two … Continue reading

That Was The ‘Thon That Was

Thank you everyone for a delightful Camp & Cult Blogathon! There were 29 entries, which is amazing; even more amazing is that every single post is terrific. I don’t just say that as vague praise, I genuinely mean it. The page will remain up indefinitely, so if anyone ever needs some inspiration, dive on into those links. You won’t regret it. No good ‘thon goes unpunished, as I learned during the Shatnerthon a couple of years ago, and the same held true for the C&CB. There were a few technical glitches, the usual hacking attempts that apparently every WordPress blog endures, and one self-inflicted issue where I added new links to the main page and then promptly forgot to save the changes. I won’t take full responsibility, though, partly because I’ve got kind of a thing with responsibility (it sucks, as any adult will tell you) but also because my brain was fried after 12 posts in 12 days, even if one of those posts was just a photo gallery. My AC joints, my carpal tunnel and my neurons are all still bruised, but it’s a good bruise. Today is October 1st, which means most of you are embarking on a month-long horror gorge, and you all have my most sincere blessings in your endeavors. Now that the chaos of the last month is over, I hope to catch up on your blogs and regular SBBN posts and things. A State of the Blog will be coming in the next … Continue reading

Blogiversary V: Texas Blood Money

It appears that today is my fifth blogiversary, which is kind of scary but mostly frightening. It’s difficult to believe I’ve been doing this for five full years. Over the past few months, I have been replacing the old broken URLs of my photos at the SBBN archive with the new URLs, and while doing so I’ve had a chance to re-read my older posts. Boy, did I suck on ice when I started out. Not that I’m the second coming of Pauline Kael or anything now, but I like to think I’ve improved. Maybe I’ve even written that proverbial first million words, though I don’t know how that works with film criticism, although I imagine it involves semicolons and long strings of prepositional phrases. In the time-honored tradition of all previous SBBN blogiversaries, I present a lovely assortment of some of my favorite photos collected over the years. Edith Head and Gloria Swanson. Boris Karloff, courtesy Dr. Macro. Richard Schaal, Severn Darden and Del Close of Second City. Robert Taylor. 1931 photo by Robert Coburn of a Hollywood camera crew. Hitch’s usual sense of humor, courtesy Immoral Tales. He’s wearing two ties, one to go with his suit, the other to hang himself with. Such a practical man.   Thank you all for still being here.

Everything I Do Is Cute

SBBN is not a personal blog, but I wanted to jot down this recap of my recent trip to Vegas, full of explanations and anecdotes and all sorts of nifty things to read. And the sarcastic quote from a Bette Davis film for the title is your guarantee that this post is crammed full of quality wordsmithery. If you followed my Twitter over Labor Day weekend then you already know a lot of this, which is a perfect example of how multi-platform social media exposure is going to ruin society as we know it. Or something. I had a husband but got married anyway: My husband and I have been together since high school, which was about 72 years ago, as you can tell from the photo in the last Phantom Creeps recap. In fact, about two hours after that pic of me and my spiral perm was taken, Vincent and I started dating. We considered ourselves common law married nearly two decades ago, but for the last several years it became clear that certain elements in U.S. society wanted to codify their religious beliefs about marriage into law, and these efforts have been at least somewhat successful. A side effect is that living together, also known as living in sin (sin!), was often looked down on by hospitals, banks, and worst of all, the courts. Thanks to the current political climate, we couldn’t rely on a judge to agree we were common law married in case something happened to … Continue reading