June Movies on TCM to Watch For

Ivan at Thrilling Years of Yesterdays has all the deets on TCM in June, which is featuring Eleanor Parker as their Star of the Month. For those of you who don’t like the content, helpfulness, intelligence or information TDoY provides, here are a few of my own picks of TCM flicks this month. All times Eastern. Check TCM’s main site to make sure films are shown in letterbox if applicable — Underground movies tend to be in pan & scan, so you’ll want to double check before wasting a DVD on a copy. I tell you this because I am your friend. *** Gribiche (1925) June 2 (early morning June 3) at Midnight Jacques Feyder silent about a young boy and his hatred for his step family. Recently restored and only shown on TCM occasionally. Le Combat dans l’ile (Fire and Ice) (1962) June 2, 2:00 AM A New French Cinema political thriller by Alain Cavalier, with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Romy Schneider and Henri Serre. The Great Lady Has an Interview (1954) June 4, 11:50 PM A short segment from an hour-long NBC special from 1954 to celebrate MGM’s 30th anniversary. This is the number Judy Garland had performed in Ziegfeld Follies just a few years earlier, a movie that also starred Lana Turner; therefore, it is made of delicious camp. Watch for actors Steve Forrest and John Ericson in small chorus roles early in their careers. June 7: Dashiell Hammett films 8:00 PM The Maltese Falcon (1931) 9:30 PM City … Continue reading

May Movies on TCM to Watch For

These monthly schedule posts are going away. Between deadlines and a desire to have time set aside for my own projects, I just can’t justify the several hours it takes for me to put these posts schedule posts together. Further, in recent months I have noticed Sundance shows commercials during a lot of their films, plus IndiePlex and RetroPlex show bad prints and shrink down Academy ratio films to almost unwatchable sizes (which perhaps look better on a widescreen television, but who knows). Fox Movie Channel has a lot of repeats, too. It’s just not worth it to list anything but TCM, and so many other bloggers do that better than I ever could. This month, I’m posting a quick list of some pre-codes, Underground, silents and other films you might like. It’s possible you’ll see similar lists from me in the future, but I doubt I’ll make it a regular feature. For great TCM roundups, I recommend my BBFF and runner up SBBN patron saint (he’s the go-to guy when El Brendel is busy washing his hat) Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear and his Coming Distractions posts. TCM All times Eastern. Moonfleet (1955) May 2, 6:15 PM Fritz Lang film starring Stewart Granger as a buccaneer and smuggler, whose former lover sends her child to live with him. Starring George Sanders and Joan Greenwood, so that’s three great actors right there. Supporting is Vivica Landfors (four!) and John Hoyt and Jack Elam in small roles. Also, Granger wields … Continue reading

March Movies to Watch For

Here are some films on Fox Movie Channel, Sundance, IndiePlex, RetroPlex and TCM for the month of March, 2013 that you might be interested in. Remember, these movies may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, have commercial interruptions, be preempted, or have never existed in the first place. You know how it goes. All times Eastern. SUNDANCE The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009) March 5, 8:00 PM – only time it’s on this month The original Opley version starring Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace and Lisbeth Salander, about a young hacker who helps a cop with a 40-year-old unsolved murder.   Marathon Man (1976) March 7, 10:00 PM and 12:15, plus March 11th and 25th Dustin Hoffman as a man mistaken for a spy in John Schlesinger’s classic.   Phantom of the Paradise (1974) March 9, 6:00 AM and 11:45 AM, plus March 15, 20, and 28th More evidence that the 1970s can simply never be fully explained, this Brian De Palma retelling of the classic Phantom of the Opera story stars William Finley and Paul Williams.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL Panic in the Streets (1950) March 5, 6:00 AM Zero Mostel and Jack Palance as two gunmen carrying a deadly virus around town. With Richard Widmark as the doctor who must stop them before they accidentally start a plague.   Three Came Home (1950) March 6, 6:00 AM Jean Negulesco film based on Agnes Newton Keith’s autobiography of her time as a Japanese war prisoner. Starring … Continue reading

February Movies to Watch For

Here are some films on Fox Movie Channel, Sundance and TCM for the month of February, 2013 that you might be interested in. Remember, these movies may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, have commercial interruptions, or be pre-empted for a marathon of Tony Danza shows, the bad ones that only ran for half a season, not the good stuff like “Taxi.” You know how it goes. All times Eastern. FOX MOVIE CHANNEL At of the beginning of the year our cable package finally included FMC. Now that I’ve had a chance to see the channel, I can tell you that the evening movies are often edited and have lots of those advertising tags in the bottom right corner. For the most part, it appears the movies I’ll be featuring are on earlier in the day, when the channel uses less or no tags and probably doesn’t edit. However, be warned that movie channels, even our beloved TCM, can show really horrible prints or edits of films.   On the Avenue (1937) February 2, 8:00 AM Roy Del Ruth and Irving Berlin musical about a New York socialite satirized in a Broadway show. With Alice Faye, Dick Powell, Sig Ruman and Alan Mowbray.   The Story on Page One (1959) February 4, 9:50 AM Rita Hayworth and Gig Young as lovers involved in a murder, who hire fiery lawyer Tony Franciosa to defend them; written by Clifford Odets. This is a surprisingly good and little-known film that … Continue reading

January Movies to Watch For

Are we dead? Did the Mayan spaceship blow us up on the winter solstice? No? Then sit your big butts back down on those couches and start watching movies like God and Greyhound intended! Here are some films on Fox Movie Channel, Sundance and TCM for the month of January that you might be interested in. Remember, these movies may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, have commercial interruptions, or contain subliminal messages compelling you to toss articulated bodies off cliffs as part of a series of elaborate insurance scams. You know how it goes. All times Eastern.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL Night Train to Paris (1964) January 1, 4:50 AM (early morning) Leslie Nielsen as a retired secret agent on one last mission in Paris. This gets horrible reviews, so beware!   TRIPLE FEATURE ON JANUARY 2ND: Leave Her to Heaven (1945) at 6:00 AM Daisy Kenyon (1947) at 8:00 AM Laura (1947) at 10:00 AM Fox Movie Channel rarely has more than two films in a row worth watching, but this is a terrific line up that you might want to marathon on the 2nd. If you’re not still hung over from the 31st, that is.   The Driver (1978) January 10, 1:15 PM Director Walter Hill’s cult fave about an obsessed cop (Bruce Dern) after a getaway driver (Ryan O’Neal).   Heaven With a Barbed Wire Fence (1939) January 10, 4:50 AM (early morning the 11th) A New Yorker’s adventure on the way to … Continue reading

December Movies to Watch For

Here are a few films on Sundance, Fox Movies and TCM for the month of December that you might be interested in. Remember, films may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, or have hard-coded Klingon subtitles. You know how it goes.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL A Royal Scandal (1945) December 3, 7:40 AM (and again the 7th) Tallulah Bankhead as Catherine the Great and Charles Coburn as her wily chancellor. Tallu looks marvelous, Coburn is amazing and the supporting cast (Vincent Price, Anne Baxter) are terrific. Give this one a go.   The Black Swan (1942) December 10, 6:00 AM (again on the 20th) Tyrone Power as a pirate, swashbuckling and making the ladies swoon. With George Sanders and Laird Cregar.   Too Good To Be True (1988) December 12, 9:30 AM This is a made-for-TV remake of Leave Her to Heaven starring Loni Anderson and Patrick Duffy (and a very young Neil Patrick Harris). Now, I’m not averse to TV movies, but this was absolutely rotten. I saw it in high school and really, really wish I hadn’t. Anderson is in a bikini much of the time, flirting with one of the Baldwin brothers (Daniel), the hunky hired hand. Duffy is her novelist husband, and Harris is the boy, no longer the brother but the son of Duffy’s character. Duffy just kind of stands there until the script says “Yell about something,” which he does. And the change to the plot they made to make it … Continue reading

(A Few) November Movies to Watch For

As you know (because I won’t shut up about it) my computer died, so I didn’t have time to do a proper schedule post, but while I’m sneaking a few minutes on my husband’s computer — and he has every single option and preference set incorrectly, by the way, and no that’s not opinion but solid scientific fact — I thought I’d list a few highlights from TCM this month. Keep in mind that I’ve noticed TCM shows quite a few films in pan and scan rather than their proper aspect ratio, especially for Underground. Also, between the Novel To Film nights, The Essentials and Entertainment Weekly’s “All Time Greatest Movies,” there are a lot of the basics, at least in terms of classic films. You might want to check out the full schedule, and on days when you have something important to do, avoid TCM because it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Jezebel, once it starts you will be there ’til the finish. *** All times Eastern. Infernal Affairs (2002) — 1:30 AM November 1 (early the 2nd) Tony Leung and Andy Lau in a Hong Kong thriller about an investigator going deep into the underworld to uncover the crooked cop in the department. Dai-bosatsu toge (1966) — 3:45 AM November 2 (early the 3rd) Tatsuya Nakadai and Toshiro Mifune in a Samurai epic about the internal battle between good and evil. The Story of Temple Drake (1933) — 12:45 AM November 5 Another chance to get … Continue reading

October Movies to Watch For

Here are a few films on Sundance, Fox Movies and TCM for the month of October that you might be interested. Remember, films may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, or have rando porno frames inserted into them for the lulz. You know how it goes. *** SUNDANCE Volver (2006) October 8, midnight Pedro Almodovar’s film about Raimunda (Penelope Cruz) and her family’s copious misfortunes. Control (2007) October 15, 3:45 PM and later at 2:30 AM Biopic of Joy Division’s original lead singer Ian Curtis. The Darjeeling Limited (2007) October 17 at 6:30 PM, October 23 at 2:00 AM, and October 28 at 4:45 PM Three brothers who go on a cross-India trip after their father dies. Directed by Wes Anderson.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL Kiss of Death (1947) October 1, 11:00 AM Noir classic with an iconic Richard Widmark performance. Also starring Victor Mature. Followed by the 1995 Nic Cage remake. Hot Shots! (1991) October 7 1:30 PM Because not playing to win is like sleeping with your sister. Nightmare Alley (1947) October 10, 6:00 AM Carny who learns a mind reading trick and teams with a quack psychiatrist to scam patients. This is followed by several great noirs like Fallen Angel, Panic in the Streets and In Broad Daylight. Killer Tomatoes Strike Back (1991) and Killer Tomatoes Eat France (1992) October 25, 10:00 AM Double feature of Killer Tomato sequels, starring John Astin.   TCM To make it easier on myself (lazy) I’m going to … Continue reading

July Movies to Watch For

The following are some films on Sundance, Fox Movie Channel, and TCM that you might want to check out this month. All times Eastern. Remember, these films may be edited, time compressed, in the wrong aspect ratio, canceled, or eaten by bears. You know how it is.   *** SUNDANCE The Deep End (2001) July 7, 8:15 PM and 1:35 AM Thriller about a mother who finds the body of a man she believes her son has killed. Remake of the 1948 A Reckless Moment.   The Housemaid (2010) July 22, 1:50 AM (early morning the 23rd) Thriller-drama following a young maid of a rich family who finds herself the victim of dangerous mind games.   FOX MOVIE CHANNEL Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (1988) July 3, 9:15 AM Made-for-TV reunion show of the classic 1960s “Dobie Gillis.” It’s a campy musical that makes pretty much no sense. I saw it in high school on its original run, having never seen an episode of “Dobie Gillis” in my life, and thought this was hilarious. It was sort of a middle class, suburban “Head.”   It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog (1946) July 9, 4:50 AM A reporter, a police officer, a dog and wacky criminal hijinks.   The Last American Hero (1973) July 17, 7:45 AM Almost-documentary about race car driver and moonshiner Junior Jackson. I saw this on television as a kid when I lived in Southern Missouri and didn’t realize it was a satire because, er, … Continue reading