Supplemental Shatner #1: The Devil’s Rain (1975)

“Bloggers think I’m cool,” he said. “I wish I knew what it was about me that was cool so I can repeat it.” William Shatner, “The Many Iterations of William Shatner” – Ever since the Shatnerthon, I have been watching films that some of you fine Shatnerthonians wrote about. Of the films I’ve seen since the ‘thon, one of the best has to be “The Devil’s Rain,” contributed by Pussy Goes Grr! and Scenes from the Morgue. You all know how much I like the big bad B movie, and people, “Devil’s Rain” delivers. It’s got: A delightful amount of Shatness. Ernie Borgie!   Eyeless Lupino!   Stylish satanism.   Crazy witch bling!   Dissolving waxy devilzombie legs!   Goat face!   And I loved the ghost town used in this film.   All I can confirm about this town is that it was in Mexico. I don’t know if it was created for the movie or not, although it looks like a genuine ghost town with a small white church built nearby specifically for the film. However, it’s such a small town with no personal residences, just commercial buildings, that I wonder if it was entirely constructed for this movie. The devil’s rain refers to a large whatsit that looks like a giant glass marble with the souls of the damned inside. The damned apparently hang out in this globe, wail, and get rained on; I suppose everyone needs a hobby. The viewscreen on the whatsit reminded me of … Continue reading