She Blogged By Night Rides Again

Good morning all, and welcome back to She Blogged By Night. Anything interesting happen while I was gone? The blog is back in some capacity, though I don’t know yet if much new content will be posted. Right now, my new reviews tend to be brief and more suited to Letterboxd than a blog, and…

Classic Amiga Game Review: It Came from the Desert (1989)

Based loosely on dozens of 1950s American sci fi thrillers, especially the 1954 mutant-ant classic “Them!”, It Came from the Desert challenges both your mind and your might. When you boot up the game, a gorgeous red-orange desert panorama scrolls by as a narrator warns that, because man has meddled where he should not have, this desert will become living proof that the Biblical prophesy “the meek shall inherit the earth” is about to come true.

Band of Angels (1957)

Band of Angels contains some of the most laughable dialogue of the 1950s, pseudo-epic puffery complete with a star-studded cast and a wardrobe budget exceeding the entire annual income of Guam. Scored by Max Steiner and directed by the legendary Raoul Walsh, one would think that this movie could at least have some entertainment value, but it struggles to provide even that.

The Law and Jake Wade (1958)

The Law and Jake Wade is not just a gorgeous film to look at but an exciting tale, and a solid entry in the American Western genre.

Horror Hosts #2

A gallery of horror movie hosts from the golden age of television, including Vampira, Ghoulardi, Count Shockula, Bob Wilkins and more.

Hollywood in Costume

Clifton Webb, Marlene Dietrich, and Elizabeth Allan at a Hollywood theme party held by Basil Rathbone and wife Ouida Bergere in 1935. The theme was “The Person You Most Admire.” Dietrich chose Leda of the famous fable, while her escort for the night, Elizabeth Allen, went as Dietrich.

Dunsmuir House (Burnt Offerings, 1976)

Dunsmuir House, Built 1899 2960 Peralta Oaks Court, Oakland, California Seen in: Burnt Offerings (1976), Phantasm (1979), A View to a Kill (1985), So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993), & More     “A COAL KING GONE” announced the Los Angeles Herald on the morning of February 1, 1900. Alexander Dunsmuir, the 47-year-old multimillionaire,…

It’s Halloween on SBBN!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting October here at SBBN. Most years we try to do a little something fun for Halloween month, and this year is no exception, but before we get too carried away, let’s give a little love to past Halloween hootenannies: A Very Brief History of a Very Famous Mask:…

S.O.B. (1981)

Blake Edwards was mad at Hollywood. He’d gone through some things, man, and now he had a whole lot of beef with the entire cynical, money-grubbing, back-stabbing lot. In 1981, after making a comeback with mega-hits The Pink Panther and 10, he started on a nasty little poison pen letter to Tinseltown called S.O.B., short for “standard operational bullshit,” otherwise known as the way Hollywood always works.

The Delinquents (1957)

What sets The Delinquents apart from other low-budget teen flicks of the time is its professional look. It’s clean, even sleek, and without the (usually hilarious) errors one would find in something meant to basically be background noise while teenagers necked in the back seat.