She Blogged By Night started in 2007 as a personal blog where I jabbered on about classic films and TCM and my occasional find of some near-unwatchable copy of a film everyone else thought was lost. For more than a decade, it was my official home base on the internet, a place to talk about classic films, plus recent release foreign, low budget and independent films. There is also plenty of detritus about my various projects floating about here, not all of which were film-based, plus bad movie serial recaps for the more discerning blog reader. A brief SBBN FAQ can be found at the end of this page.

The unofficial goal of SBBN was to conquer the world, just like Bela Lugosi in The Phantom Creeps only with a higher quality of henchmen, but as of late 2017 that goal was put on hiatus, also like Bela Lugosi, but with a slightly better chance of returning to life. Most of my former social media haunts have been deleted, but you can still find me at Flashbulb Moment, my vaguely Lester Bangs-themed Tumblr blog (occasionally NSFW) and my Letterboxd profile, where you can laugh at the movies I choose to spend my time watching.

As of 2020, a.k.a. Zero Year of the Darkest Timeline, SBBN is being revamped as an archive of all my previous film writing, most of which has disappeared due to website shutdowns and data rot. There may be new posts. There may not be. No man can say.

If you’re interested in the movie articles and reviews I have published elsewhere, try these on for size:

* My articles at Next Projection.
* My ClassicFlix DVD reviews and articles for the Dark Cinema column. (The links sometimes do not work the first time, and you have to click again.)
* My reviews at Spectrum Culture.



CONTENT: The content on SBBN is intended to be generally safe for work, though I do have a tendency to use naughty words, and on rare occasions post a saucy photo or two. If anything goes beyond a PG-13 rating, I will tag it accordingly at the top of the post, along with spoiler warnings and trigger warnings, if any.

ARCHIVES: Archives can be found on the right sidebar of any post page under Reviews A-Z.

COMMENTING: Comments were turned off years ago thanks to spammers and jerks.

PLAGIARISM: Spammers and other bloggers borrowing content from SBBN as well as other websites I own or have written for have become an increasing problem over the last couple of years, not just because it’s a jerkbutt lazy thing to do, but due to the time it takes to deal with the issues and the headaches involved and, frequently, the angry replies from those who don’t like it when I find out they’ve been liberally borrowing from SBBN. I respectfully ask that anyone who uses content from SBBN or any of my websites, or my content from any of the outlets I write for, please hat tip or link to it as a source. Thank you.