Marie Prevost Project


The Marie Prevost Project began on November 8, 2009 — Marie’s 101st birthday. The project was intended to be a somewhat intensive look at the life and career of this mostly-forgotten silent era star, and as such, it involved a significant amount of research, as well as time and money spent locating copies of Marie’s still-extant films. There has been a truly wonderful amount of positive feedback for the project over the years, and several have been inspired to work on their own projects, which is a terrific thing.

Not so terrific have been the demands from people for free research and information from me, including intimidation and threats, and more than one person falsely claiming that what I have posted on the blog was not under copyright and therefore free to be appropriated at whim.  After being told by a man who emailed me in 2011 to say he hadn’t even heard of Marie Prevost before, but was so interested in my posts he wrote a book based on them, then sold it to a low-rent publishing house, I officially canceled the project in 2013.

For anyone who has arrived here to research Marie Prevost, you’re welcome to use these posts as long as you source them as you would any other reference, but please note that there may be errors. As I have stated previously, everything I wrote for the SBBN Marie Prevost Project was posted in good faith, but after I began to do my own primary research and had assistance from others more experienced than I am, I realized much of my initial research was faulty; that means some of the information is incorrect. But I am keeping those old posts as they were originally written for a reason: To have a clear record of exactly what I wrote, in case any copyright issues come up.

The project was originally posted on my old blog here, which has since been shut down and the posts imported to the current blog. All the Marie Prevost Project posts should have an accompanying link to the Internet Archive for those who want to see the post as it originally appeared.

I adore Marie and I had a blast working on this project, and I received dozens of terrific comments, help from fantastic researchers, and emails from a lot of people with their own exciting projects on Marie. I’ll always regret having to shut down the public part of this project — I continue to research Marie on my own, though without any concrete goal beyond an eventual written product of some sort — but I want to thank everyone who came along for the ride. It was fun while it lasted, and your support has always meant the world to me. Thank you!