A Trio of Delightful Announcements

The delightful Arbogast has returned from Hell, scrubbed the spray paint off his banner and set a few doilies and coasters about the place, all just in time for another fantastic 31 Screams series. If you haven’t been checking in at Arbogast on Film because of his retirement, make sure you visit often this month while he’s back. His 31 Screams series is one of the highlights of every Halloween. *** Kevin at Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies is already deep into planning his 3rd Annual Italian Horror Blogathon! I’m ecstatic about this, not just because it’s one of the keenest ‘thons out there, but because it will give me a chance to make up for what I felt was a bit of a slapdash entry on my part last year. See, it turns out you shouldn’t procrastinate because when you do, you’ll watch your movie the day before the post is due and there won’t be any audio in the final third of the film, forcing you to scramble and do something quick just to get a post in. Learn your lesson from me, kids. Also, if you will allow me to unload a little personal baggage for a moment, the star of the show I ended up watching for the ‘thon last year was Steven Weber who has since blocked me on Twitter because, after stating online discourse was too “vitriolic,” turned around and told a woman “fuck off, cunt.” I said something about it and he not only … Continue reading