The 2014 SBBN Oscar Picks

UPDATE: The Oscars are over and though the ceremonies looked like a lot of fun, you may notice that I didn’t livetweet them as planned. The ABC live feed wasn’t working in my area, though when I tested it a few days ago, it said nothing was on air at the time, leading me to believe the only problem was no programming at that moment. The truth is that it’s not available for our area at all, so that was my mistake, and my apologies to poor Ivan who showed up to see me say silly things about the Oscars. I hope he was able to save himself and switch to another channel before it was too late. As for my predictions, I did not do all that great: 14 out of the 18 I guessed on, though I knew in my heart of hearts that 20 Feet From Stardom was going to win, even if I didn’t want to admit it. But my average? Not great, Bob. And now, a breather until we start to gear up for next year’s Oscars… right after Labor Day. — As mentioned, I’ll be tweeting along with the Oscars Sunday night [1] and thought now, 11 hours before the ceremonies and with about 80% of the movies under my belt, would be a good time to jot down my predictions, along with my wants: BEST PICTURE Want: 12 Years a Slave Will Win: Gravity Gravity was good, but I really felt it borrowed … Continue reading