Reminder: Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon Tomorrow!

Don’t forget: The Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon starts tomorrow at 7:30 PM on Twitter! Call up Netflix, watch the movies with us and tweet your feelings so all of the internet will know exactly what you think. Head to the official Bad Netflix blog for more details!

Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon on Saturday, October 20!


The next Netflix Instant Bad Movie Marathon is coming up soon, on Saturday, October 20th. The festivities begin at 7:30 Central with Galaxy of Terror (1981), the Roger Corman Alien-esque rip-off. Next up is Chillerama (2011), a film I know almost nothing about, except it has Eric Roberts which means I’ll watch it at least twice. Last will be FDR: American Badass! (2012) if it’s on Netflix Instant, but it probably won’t be, so we’ll do the 1966 green-Martian-babe epic Queen of Blood. That one was my pick, and I haven’t seen it yet but I think it may just break our usual third-movie-fucking-sucks streak. If you want to join in, just hop on Twitter and watch the movies along with us. Everyone is welcome, except probably Hitler, but that goes without saying. We all use Netflix, but if you have the film already — and I know everyone who reads SBBN owns three copies of Galaxy of Terror, all recorded off TCM — you can watch along with that, too. We announce when each movie starts so we can stay relatively in sync, then we tweet our hilarity and/or displeasure with the hashtag #badnetflix. Everyone says stupid stuff, laughs, Twitter usually cuts one of us off for over-Tweeting, and basically have a lot of fun. It’s that simple. Please join us!