The Camp & Cult Blogathon SBBN Reader’s Poll

It’s just one week until the sweaty gratitude of SBBN’s Camp and Cult Blogathon! Get good sleep, stockpile snack cakes and up your meds, kids, this promises to be completely off the fucking hook, yo. As promised, SBBN is giving you, gentle reader, the chance to vote on what movies I will do for at least two days of the Camp And Cult Blogathon. Some I’ve seen before, some I haven’t, but I know with almost near certainty that pain will be inflicted upon my soul during at least a few of the days of this blogathon. And with this poll, you have a rare opportunity to be the cause of that pain! Voting in the poll is like a $2 rando-pick lotto ticket or 90-day limited warranty: There is no way you can lose. So please, vote early, but don’t bother voting often because this thing logs your cookies, you cheating bastards. Vote for up to three choices in the poll below, and understand that I know my tears are delicious to you, but I accept that as part of our unhealthy but intense bond. If you need more detail on the choices, check out the brief blurbs below the poll. – 1. Auto Focus (2002): I have seen this but only in the edited U.S. version, because apparently all of us in the United States are delicate types that can’t be exposed to peen. Recently I found an international copy that is allegedly un-pixelated, so I’m itching for … Continue reading