She Blogged By Night Is Now Open For Business

When El Brendel arrives, everybody knows it’s good news. First of all, if you have an old link to SBBN that just gave you a 404, this may help. If the link you had looks like this: Replace with, like so: The 404’s are because the webhost for She Blogged By Night has changed, plus several other changes have been made, so I’ve created this post which I hope will answer all your questions. * To subscribe to the new blog, use this link: — your subscription to the old blog will not automatically transfer to this one, so if you want to stay subscribed via an RSS reader, you need to use the new link. * You can still access all the old blog posts at the previous blog at or by clicking the banner at the bottom of the blog. * Most archived posts will not be moved over here. If you are looking for any previous posts written between 2005 and early June, 2012, use the search bar at the top of You can also use Google Search. For example, if you want to find my Red Rock West post, type into GIS: “red rock west” and it should come right up. * Comments are open to anyone, even for anonymous commenters. If you have problems with commenting or anything else on the site, please drop me an email at she (at) I’m reasonably happy with this blog … Continue reading