Evil Dead (1981)

 evil deadThe Evil Dead cabin circa 1979. Sam Raimi is standing to the right of the house. Photo courtesy Book of the Dead.



evil dead
Another photo of the cabin from Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2. It’s long since been burned down, but you can see a great blog entry with pictures from 2006 of the site here. Evil Dead was released 28 years ago today, on October 15, 1981.



  1. Hey, Can you confirm the url for the link? An error page pops up.

    Also wanted to say that I love all the Evil Dead movies but the first one….that one specifically keeps me on edge when I watch it…spooky as heck!

  2. I’ve been reading your posts, & they’ve gotten me into reading about haunted places. I’ve been so obsessed that I’ve even started having strange dreams!

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