Bette Davis Project: Pretty, Pretty Pictures!

Over the years (years!) I have collected pictures of Bette, and at any given moment I have scads of promotionals for films but, because I didn’t always file photos under the name of the film or year they were taken, they get looked over when I do a post for the Bette Project. That’s my excuse for how these wound up here in a potpourri post, but really, is there a bad excuse for posting a dozen photos of Bette Davis? I submit to you that there is not.

“Jimmy the Gent” (1934): Per the rules of the Project, I’m not watching films I’ve already seen, and “Jimmy the Gent” is one I watched years ago.

“Jimmy the Gent”

From “Dark Victory”, which also falls under the already-watched rule. I’ve seen this credited to George Hurrell, but it’s not on the Hurrell website, so I can’t confirm if it’s a Hurrell or not. But here are two bonus Hurrells I can confirm:

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. I don’t know how anyone could not love Bette Davis. She’s fabulous!

    When I took a Tudor history class in college, the professor asked if anyone had seen The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex. I was the only one–I own it! One girl asked if Bette Davis was “the person in that song.” The professor just rolled his eyes and kept on with the lecture!

  2. Wonderful photos of one of all-time great actors, bar none. Between her, Barbara Stanwyck, and Marlene Dietrich, few commanded the screen any better. Thanks for this.

  3. All great – I love the ones from The Bad Sister, and also the one of her second from bottom with curly hair. Wonder which movie that one is from (if it is from a movie!)

  4. I’ve wondered about the photos with the curly hair, too. There’s an entire series of them, and I have 5 others. The Hurrell site has them listed as from 1939, but it doesn’t seem to match her appearance in any films from that year, so I guess they’re just portraits.

  5. Your site is fast becoming my favorite. The photos of Bette are so impressive. I am in the midst of doing a series on Aldrich’s hag cinema with Bette as Baby Jane and Charlotte.Of course I don’t consider her a hag, never! She’s one of the most extraordinary actresses to come out of the Hollywood machine.

    Cheers Joey (MonsterGirl)

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