(A Few) November Movies to Watch For

Miriam Hopkins in The Story of Temple Drake (1933)

As you know (because I won’t shut up about it) my computer died, so I didn’t have time to do a proper schedule post, but while I’m sneaking a few minutes on my husband’s computer — and he has every single option and preference set incorrectly, by the way, and no that’s not opinion but solid scientific fact — I thought I’d list a few highlights from TCM this month.

Keep in mind that I’ve noticed TCM shows quite a few films in pan and scan rather than their proper aspect ratio, especially for Underground.

Also, between the Novel To Film nights, The Essentials and Entertainment Weekly’s “All Time Greatest Movies,” there are a lot of the basics, at least in terms of classic films. You might want to check out the full schedule, and on days when you have something important to do, avoid TCM because it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Jezebel, once it starts you will be there ’til the finish.


All times Eastern.

Infernal Affairs (2002) — 1:30 AM November 1 (early the 2nd)
Tony Leung and Andy Lau in a Hong Kong thriller about an investigator going deep into the underworld to uncover the crooked cop in the department.

Dai-bosatsu toge (1966) — 3:45 AM November 2 (early the 3rd)
Tatsuya Nakadai and Toshiro Mifune in a Samurai epic about the internal battle between good and evil.

The Story of Temple Drake (1933) — 12:45 AM November 5
Another chance to get this down ‘n’ nasty pre-code that used to be difficult to find. This one is a doozy; it’s practically ’70s zero-budget horror exploitation, except without unclothed breasts.

Constance Bennett flicks, including a ton of pre-codes:
November 6
8:00 PM Lady With a Past (1932)
9:30 PM Sin Takes a Holiday (1930)
11:00 PM The Easiest Way (1931)
12:30 AM The Common Law (1932)
2:00 AM Son of the Gods (1930)
3:45 AM Born to Love (1932)

November 13
8:00 PM What Price Hollywood? (1932)
9:45 PM Our Betters (1933)
11:15 PM Two Against the World (1932)
12:30 AM Law of the Tropics (1941)
2:00 AM Rockabye (1932)
3:15 AM After Tonight (1933)

November 20
8:00 PM After Office Hours (1935)
9:30 PM Merrily We Live (1938)
11:15 PM Topper (1937)
1:00 AM Topper Takes a Trip (1939)
3:30 AM Bed of Roses (1933)

November 27
8:00 PM Tail Spin (1939)
9:30 PM Wild Bill Hickok Rides (1942)
11:00 PM Two-Faced Woman (1941)
12:45 AM Smart Woman (1948)
2:30 AM The Unsuspected (1947)
4:30 AM The Woman On The Beach (1947)

Moonfleet (1955) — Noon, November 8
Watch Stewart Granger adjourn a meeting with a halberd and conquer the world with his suave.

The Exterminating Angel (1962) — 4:00 AM November 10 (early the 11th)
My husband will occasionally ask me, “Hey, what’s that movie where I wanted to punch everyone in the head?” He means The Exterminating Angel.

Feu Mathias Pascal (1925) — midnight November 25, allegedly
This French silent starring Michel Simon and Ivan Mosjoukine is supposed to be on at midnight according to the monthly schedule (as it exists early morning November 1st), though I can’t find a page for the film on TCM, so it may not be shown. Check listings closer to the day to find out.


That’s it for this month’s truncated version of Movies to Watch For. As always, feel free to mention more in the comments!


    1. Glad to see you, Tim!

      oldies.com is great, they have some solid prices. I’ve found bargains lately at Deep Discount and Movies Unlimited, too.

      I really enjoyed the Warner Archive print of Razorback, it was lovely soft 1980s with nice color and grain, plus I love the movie.

      If you’re into camp, their Green Slime print is wonderful, not full aspect ratio but close. The same with Atlantis: The Lost Continent. I wish I could remember where (MUBI maybe, or Home Theater Forum) but I’ve heard Lionheart is good.

      Their silent Lon Chaneys are all great, especially West of Zanzibar, which is hugely flawed but still one of my favorites. They have the sound remake with Walter Huston titled Kongo, too. Nice print, though I like the silent better as a film.

      I bought -30- but haven’t seen it yet, though people I highly respect in blogging/reviewing adore the film, so you probably can’t go wrong with it.

      It’s not archive, but the Warner Home Video double feature I Walked With a Zombie/Body Snatcher is a steal on oldies.com right now.

  1. Dai-bosatsu toge is one of my favorites, two of the greatest actors anywhere in amazingly complex film. Plus the fight in the nighttime snow is just amazing.

    1. I recorded it but haven’t yet watched it, though the few minutes I saw looked amazing. Very excited for it!

  2. Stacia, I have been having a ball with the Constance Bennett films. Pre-codes are favorites of mine, and I had not seen The Easiest Way yet. Loved it! Oh, and I watched John Barrymore’s Moby Dick — it was AWFUL! I’m a true Dick lover (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it, it just came out). I couldn’t believe how they massacred Melville, and made a horrible mess of a great story. Yuck! I appreciate the heads-up about The Exterminating Angel, one I have not seen.

    1. The Exterminating Angel is BRUTAL satire, one of those films that in a lot of ways isn’t very fun to watch, but I really enjoyed it.

      The Easiest Way is so good! I wish I could remember what I’ve heard about the ending, but I believe the end was changed on re-release after the Code; but I could be thinking of a remake of the film with a different, harsher ending.

      I haven’t seen Barrymore’s Dick (haaaahahaha) but now I know to avoid it (HAHAHA). Ahem. Sorry.

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