Barack Obama and Ann Dunham, Circa 1965

Too adorable not to post: President Barack Obama and his mother Ann Dunham on Halloween, circa 1965, courtesy sunsetgun on Tumblr. For other presidential Halloween pictures, check out this terrific site with pics of White House Halloweens going back to the Eisenhower administration. Note the scariest damn pumpkin ever at Amy Carter’s party.


    1. I know, he’s adorable. I rarely stumble across pics of presidents when they were children; off the top of my head, I think I’ve only seen Eisenhower (at his museum nearby) and Truman (at his museum when I lived in Missouri) and maybe Clinton.

      Hmm, wonder if Nixon looked like a little cutie when he was a kid? My guess is no.

  1. I think I saw this photo when President Obama was running for office the first time. Oddly enough it never really dawned on me, until I saw it again here, that it was about Halloween. I just remember thinking how happy they looked. Thank you for including a link to my website, I really appreciate it. I think your site is pretty terrific too! Also, I’ve seen a few photos of presidents floating around Pinterest, but I don’t recall a Nixon one…

    1. Thanks! I saw this pic while searching Tumblr for vintage halloween pictures, oddly enough, and when I found a link to your presidential Halloween parties page I just had to post. I’ll check out Pinterest, because I really would like to see even more presidents as kids in their Halloween costumes.

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