1. KC says:

    What a cutie! How weird to think that this darling little pirate will someday be a president.

    1. stacia says:

      I know, he’s adorable. I rarely stumble across pics of presidents when they were children; off the top of my head, I think I’ve only seen Eisenhower (at his museum nearby) and Truman (at his museum when I lived in Missouri) and maybe Clinton.

      Hmm, wonder if Nixon looked like a little cutie when he was a kid? My guess is no.

  2. zimzim05 says:

    I think I saw this photo when President Obama was running for office the first time. Oddly enough it never really dawned on me, until I saw it again here, that it was about Halloween. I just remember thinking how happy they looked. Thank you for including a link to my website, I really appreciate it. I think your site is pretty terrific too! Also, I’ve seen a few photos of presidents floating around Pinterest, but I don’t recall a Nixon one…

    1. stacia says:

      Thanks! I saw this pic while searching Tumblr for vintage halloween pictures, oddly enough, and when I found a link to your presidential Halloween parties page I just had to post. I’ll check out Pinterest, because I really would like to see even more presidents as kids in their Halloween costumes.

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