That Was The ‘Thon That Was

Thank you everyone for a delightful Camp & Cult Blogathon! There were 29 entries, which is amazing; even more amazing is that every single post is terrific. I don’t just say that as vague praise, I genuinely mean it. The page will remain up indefinitely, so if anyone ever needs some inspiration, dive on into those links. You won’t regret it.

No good ‘thon goes unpunished, as I learned during the Shatnerthon a couple of years ago, and the same held true for the C&CB. There were a few technical glitches, the usual hacking attempts that apparently every WordPress blog endures, and one self-inflicted issue where I added new links to the main page and then promptly forgot to save the changes. I won’t take full responsibility, though, partly because I’ve got kind of a thing with responsibility (it sucks, as any adult will tell you) but also because my brain was fried after 12 posts in 12 days, even if one of those posts was just a photo gallery. My AC joints, my carpal tunnel and my neurons are all still bruised, but it’s a good bruise.

Today is October 1st, which means most of you are embarking on a month-long horror gorge, and you all have my most sincere blessings in your endeavors. Now that the chaos of the last month is over, I hope to catch up on your blogs and regular SBBN posts and things. A State of the Blog will be coming in the next few days as well.

On that note, I want to mention the Val Lewton Blogathon, held by Kristina at Speakeasy and Stephen at Classic Movie Man. Entries are due by October 26, and they will all be listed on Speakeasy and Classic Movie Man on Halloween, making that day even better than it already is. Check it out and sign up!

Thank you again for stopping by, and I hope you all have a wonderful October, which is the Latin word for “BEST MONTH EVER.”


  1. Stacia,
    Thanks again for the great blogathon idea. It was a pleasure and privilege to participate. I’m still going through the posts, but I agree– they’ve all been great.

    Your dedication has been extraordinary. Last October, I thought I would do a thirteen days, thirteen films countdown to Halloween on my own blog. I ended up cheating by doing batches of films per post (but I did get 13 films in there). Having learned my lesson (and limits), I’ll probably do something similar this year… or not. “Batches? We ain’t got no batches. We don’t need no batches! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ batches!” :)

    Again, kudos!

    1. Thanks Brian! I’m so glad you participated in the ‘thon.

      You are right, 12 full days was a heck of a workout. My intention was to have a long ‘thon so the schedule was more flexible, and also so it didn’t directly compete with other ‘thons going on in September. In retrospect, I’m not sure 12 days was a good idea, but lesson learned for the next thon.

  2. Thanks for hosting the C&CB, Stacia. I’ve never participated in one of these things before — although occasionally, upon reading a ‘thon announcement, I’ve thought, “Oh, that could be fun,” and experienced a brief spasm of Good Intentions before sinking back into my usual slough of sloth — but the power of your premise compelled me. The entire event (except for that whole watching-the-movie part, but that was my own damn fault) was the most fun I’ve ever had online that didn’t involve a monthly recurring charge of $19.95.

    1. Wow, Scott, thanks for participating! I never knew this was your first. I feel as though I should make a virginity joke to mark the moment.

      By the way, I stole the “monthly recurring charge” line for a post on my local newspaper forums.

  3. I’m honored, Stacia. As Martha Graham said, “only steal from the best,” to which I would add the codicil, “However, if the Best is lawyered up, you can always use my stuff.”

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