Happy Birthday to Monte Blue!

Monte Blue Born January 11, 1887 See more Monte Blue pictures at my Flickr gallery here Monte is one of my favorite character actors. He doesn’t get mentioned enough around these parts, but I hope to change that soon.

The White Shadow (1924)

…it seems Hitch had created one of his earliest secret monsters: Someone who appears normal enough to other characters and the audience, but who is later revealed to be quite dangerous. Continue reading

The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made) & My First Movie Blogathons

The Best Hitchcock Movies (That Hitchcock Never Made) Blogathon, sponsored by ClassicBecky’s Brain Food and Tales of the Easily Distracted is going on right now! Visit Tales of the Easily Distracted for a list of this year’s culprits I mean participants. Please check out the entries, and keep checking in every day for new posts being added. My entry, originally scheduled for the 7th, will be this Wednesday on the 11th — and thanks to our kind hosts for changing the date for me. Like I said on my most recent Phantom Creeps repost, nothing ever goes right in my life, thus delays.   *** Nate at Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear has announced the My First Movie Blogathon, held August 1st through 5th. In his own words: “This year’s blogathon topic is My First Movie. Everyone has a “first movie.” It can be the first time your parents took you to a movie theater as a child. Or maybe the first time you were watching a film on television and you realized that this was something much, much more than the regular everyday programming. This blogathon is devoted to our first memories of watching movies. You can talk about the movie itself if you want, but the focus should be the actual experience of watching a movie for the first time. This topic is open to interpretation. Maybe you could write about the film that first made you realize that you loved the cinema. Who knows?!” There are more details … Continue reading