Halloween Cheesecake: Elaine Stewart


Starlet Elaine Stewart, most famous for her role as a, well, starlet, in The Bad and the Beautiful.

Dance of the Hoo-Hoo

Dance of the Hoo Hoo

“Dance of the Hoo-Hoo” by Emma Y. Suckert, published in 1898. This ragtime number has been recently recorded. Suckert’s only other known work, “Pickaninny Shuffle” from 1896, is a cakewalk dance. Picture shamelessly stolen from Chateau Thombeau.

Madam Satan (1930)


A little Madam Satan photo gallery for this delightful October morning. Above is the fashion sketch by Adrian for Madam Satan’s deadly ball gown.

Tallu and Jeff


Tallulah Bankhead, Jeffrey Hunter and strong sexual tension (not pictured) at a Hollywood Halloween party circa 1958. Courtesy MJ at Infomaniac.

Mae West, 1934


And just imagine, only a mere 34 years later, she would star in the timeless romance Sextette.

Dracula (1931)


Dracula (1931) photo gallery

Bat Before the Moon


Woodblock print “Bat Before the Moon” by Biho Takashi, circa 1910.

Apres les Depart du Train des Maris


“Apres les Depart du Train des Maris” (1923) by Chéri Hérouard, courtesy Sugar + Meows

Marion McDonald


Sennett Bathing Beauty Marion McDonald.

Weird Tales, July 1946


From Pulp of the Day.