Halloween Calendar, 1957

A fabulous example of 1950s commercial illustration. I can’t stop staring at this calendar. Look at their eyes!

Halloween Cheesecake: 15 Pictures

Yesterday, I re-posted a 2010 entry of mine with Clara Bow in a host of Halloween-themed promotional pictures. Recently I found another from the set, and it inadvertently started off a lengthy search for Halloween props reused repeatedly in pictures over the years: That mask and the pumpkins from the set I posted yesterday were…

Halloween Cheesecake: Clara Bow and Esther Ralston

That’s Clara Bow in a cute little checkered short-all outfit, hanging out with some depressed ghosts. Over the years I have collected a bunch of Halloween-themed pictures, yet at some point lost a specific set I’d collected of vintage starlets in Halloween cheesecake pics, often using the same props from one year to the next,…

Das Unheimliche Buch (1914)

Das Unheimliche Buch, 1914. Binding by Karl Ebert, edited by Felix Schloemp. Available on archive.org here.