Halloween Calendar, 1957

A fabulous example of 1950s commercial illustration. I can’t stop staring at this calendar. Look at their eyes!

Halloween Cheesecake: 15 Pictures

Yesterday, I re-posted a 2010 entry of mine with Clara Bow in a host of Halloween-themed promotional pictures. Recently I found another from the set, and it inadvertently started off a lengthy search for Halloween props reused repeatedly in pictures over the years: That mask and the pumpkins from the …

Halloween Cheesecake: Clara Bow and Esther Ralston

That’s Clara Bow in a cute little checkered short-all outfit, hanging out with some depressed ghosts. Over the years I have collected a bunch of Halloween-themed pictures, yet at some point lost a specific set I’d collected of vintage starlets in Halloween cheesecake pics, often using the same props from …

Das Unheimliche Buch (1914)

Das Unheimliche Buch, 1914. Binding by Karl Ebert, edited by Felix Schloemp. Available on archive.org here.

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson and friend.

Halloween Cheesecake: Elaine Stewart

Starlet Elaine Stewart, most famous for her role as a, well, starlet, in The Bad and the Beautiful.