Madam Satan (1930)

A little Madam Satan photo gallery for this delightful October morning. Above is the fashion sketch by Adrian for Madam Satan’s deadly ball gown.

No More Ladies (1935) redux

Somehow, I ended up with a pile of great promotional photos for No More Ladies, so here they are. How’s that for an introduction? “I gots some pictures. Look at them, dammit!” This collar haunts me in my nightmares. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead near food in that gown. Or inks or liquids or…

Everybody Loves Kay Francis

Please don protective eyewear, as you cannot stare directly into the glamour without jeopardizing your vision.

Holiday Pictures

Holiday pictures, as in pictures to send you off on your government-approved three day holiday. Valid in the U.S. only. The rest of you will just have to enjoy a regular weekend. I’m still cleaning out my Whoops I Forgot To Post This folder, so here we go. Hollywood Hotel: Housewife: Courtesy Film Noir Photos….

Actors I Love, Part III

The last group. Some are still assuredly missing from my list, but many of these actors and actresses are in modern movies that I’ll probably never get around to blogging about, so this was a fun way to give them a little SBBN-approved love. Stewart Granger Timothy Carey Kathryn Grayson Richard Jeni Austin Pendleton The…

Actors I Love, Part II

Now with actresses and even a director! Everett Sloane Harvey Korman Jesse Royce Landis John Cassavettes Maria Bello Mischa Auer Pam Grier

Actors I Love, Part I

Contrary to the way it looks around here, I have been busy — busy clearing out all the half-finished drafts I’ve saved over the last *mumblemumble* years. This is one I started over two years ago when I first posted the Twenty Actors Meme. Once posted, I almost immediately realized I had forgotten several actors…


“I pay as I go. My heart is slave to my head. Men are as pleasant and exciting to me as the lavish gowns I adore. I drink the sparkling cup of love because I know my heart will never betray me. I am TALLULAH the MODERN.” — Publicity poster for “Tarnished Lady” “For ten…