She Blogged By Night Rides Again

Trouble in Paradise 1932

Good morning all, and welcome back to She Blogged By Night. Anything interesting happen while I was gone?

The blog is back in some capacity, though I don’t know yet if much new content will be posted. Right now, my new reviews tend to be brief and more suited to Letterboxd than a blog, and that’s where I’ve been hanging out for the most part. But thanks to broken links and dead websites, a lot of the film writing I did over the last decade or so has disappeared, and some of what’s left was subject to some interesting editing at the time of publication, so I’ve decided to re-publish my past work on other websites here on SBBN. Where available, I’ll post a link to the original or archived review, and I have plans to add some interesting stories about the movies I watched or the process of reviewing them, sometimes, maybe.

Also afoot will be technical changes and improvements to the website, which I let languish so long that I’m starting to get daily warning messages about the website being a sanitation hazard or ticking time bomb or some such thing.

What’s going to change?

  • Not much!
  • Recent updates caused some links within posts to break, and it may take a while until I get around to fixing all of them.
  • New posts with old content will be published at random intervals.
  • New posts will also have more blog-like personal content, and there may be brand new personal content just randomly thrown in here and there. SBBN originally was a mix of personal content and film reviews, and if I can find old personal posts that I’ve long since deleted, I may restore them as well.
  • Previously sticky posts will be changed to non sticky.
  • Anything already posted on SBBN as of today will be edited for errors and typos, and missing photos (if any) will be restored.
  • Every post already published on SBBN will be sorted as “Uncategorized” until I fix it, because WordPress is an asshole and removes your categories every time you change your theme. Give me a few years and I’ll get them resorted again.

I also hope to have a page with links to interesting things to read up soon, and couple of fun Old Hollywood photo galleries up this Halloween, which I had fully intended to do in 2017 but didn’t for reasons I’ll eventually go into somewhere around here.

That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon.