It’s Halloween on SBBN!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting October here at SBBN. Most years we try to do a little something fun for Halloween month, and this year is no exception, but before we get too carried away, let’s give a little love to past Halloween hootenannies:

A Very Brief History of a Very Famous Mask: One of the most popular posts on SBBN, we talk a bit about the making of the Michael Myers masks used in Halloween (1978) and the sequel Halloween II (1981) and unearth — sort of — where the last surviving mask is now.


Horror Movie Filming Locations: A gallery of homes seen in some of the most famous horror movies ever made. Don’t forget to click the “older posts” button on the left side of the bottom of the page to see more pages of filming locations.


Vintage Halloween: A gallery of ads, photos, vintage Hollywood stars in costume, and promotional pictures from classic horror films.


Halloween Cheesecake: A host of vintage photos of lovely ladies in their Halloween best.



Halloween Cheesecake: Props Edition. A small gallery of vintage Hollywood Halloween cheesecake photos using the same props over the course of several years.

And a few small photo galleries:
* Dracula (1931)
* Madam Satan (1930)
* Horror Hosts
* More to be added as the month continues!