TCM Remembers 2008

As always, a moving tribute to those in the film industry who left us in 2008. It’s been a rough year. I never realize just how rough until I watch the montage and see those I thought were still with us.

Note: The version TCM showed Friday evening just before 7:00 PM Central had Van Johnson in it, but I don’t believe this version does. I’ll post an update later.

Final update: As of January 1st I still can’t find the video on the TCM site, but Moira at Skeins of Thought has the edited version with Van Johnson in it here. They removed Roberta Collins from the montage and added Van Johnson, which is a bit unfortunate.

As about 100 people in comments have mentioned, the song playing in the tribute is “God Only Knows” by Joe Henry.


  1. These have the same effect on me, too. Oh, Anita Page! I always feel like sobbing at the end. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You were probably where I was when Robert DoQui passed on, Ivan. I didn’t know until I saw this montage.

    Someone will have the song identified soon, jazzman, they always do. I’m browsing forums and stuff to find out and I’ll update when I get it.

    Florence: I couldn’t watch the 2006 “Remembers” more than twice, there were too many in that reel that just broke my heart. 2008 was bad, but 2006 just about killed me.

  3. Is it me, or does the 2008 list seem even more relentless than usual, even before piling Van Johnson (maybe even Bettie Page?)on top? It looks like less time is spent lingering over the bigger names (Newman, Heston) than in past years to give more people their due. The effect is rather overwhelming.

  4. I was amazed at the number of people on this list who I was not even aware has passed away in the past year. I know Van Johnson wasn’t listed here, but I completely missed the news of his passing. Very unfortunate, as he was certainly a major figure in Hollywood’s golden age.

  5. TCM always has plenty of time for the supporting players in their tributes, and this year has plenty of sad memories on that scale – tough year.

  6. The nice thing about TCM’s farewell every year is that it’s very loving and inclusive. I doubt that the Oscars will have Vampira or Ackerman, despite being beloved by fans.

  7. I agree this was lovely, but the exclusion of Estelle Getty upset me. When she died it was the end of an era.

    I was pleased to see Vampira and Forest Ackerman too. It’s nice to see people given a little bit of respect. That’s the least they deserve

    Lois Nettleton ruled, btw.

  8. There was one other person who I remember they missed. Lilyan Chauvin. Best known to me as Mother Superior in Silent Night, Deadly Night, but man, she had a resume!

    I hope these posts don’t sound like I’m putting down the wonderful tribute TCM did. That is not my intention…

  9. Amanda, tonight I also realized they didn’t get Beverly Garland in the tribute. So they replaced someone for Van instead of just adding him in, and missed several people. Hmm. Guess that’s the way it always goes.

    And yes, I did change my profile icon — apparently I’m confusing some people (I’m looking at you, CS Ed).

  10. I’m glad this memoriam included John Phillip Law and Robert DoQui — two very underrated actors.

    But I’m a bit saddened that this montage did not include the likes of Don S. Davis, Estelle Getty, Sam Bottoms, and Robert Prosky.

    Hopefully they may update this to include Sam Bottoms and Robert Prosky at least.

  11. I am thrilled to see BRAD RENFRO remembered. At last he is recognized by the entertainment industry. The Oscars tribute forgot him earlier. This loyal fan is glad to see him respected here.

    I was at his gravesite on his birthday to honor him. I will be there in 2 weeks on the day we lost him.

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