Blogiversary: Part Deux

I didn’t know whether to go with “Part Deux” or “Electric Boogaloo” for my sequel subject title. “Part Deux” won out, it’s the lesser-known reference.

It’s true that I just had a lengthy hiatus, but this is still SBBN’s 2nd blogiversary and I’m here to celebrate it in style. I love my blog and I’ve been having a ball working on stuff the past few weeks. The time off was great, but coming back to the blog was even better.

In time-honored (for various values of both “time” and “honored”) tradition, I present to you a bunch of my favorite pictures to celebrate SBBN’s Terrible Twos:

(Credits: Gladys Glad and Bela from Profiles in History 2008 auction, Rolled Stockings from Here’s Looking Like You Kid, Bette from the NY Times, Marie and Frankenstein from Dr. Macro, Peter from Dead Lantern, Corinne Griffith from Dr. Macro.)


  1. Thanks everyone!

    Andrew, it’s Bette sitting in front of a large photo of herself as she appeared in “All About Eve”. Other copies of the photo online are smaller and someone has hit them with the “grayscale” button, and it’s a toss up as to which looks better (and makes more aesthetic sense.)

  2. Love the pics of Lugosi, Lorre and Karloff – they have joined my screensaver album. Due to his character work, Lugosi is under appreciated as simply a handsome man – he was a matinee idol in Europe before coming to the US.
    And the first photo is simply gorgeous! Many thanks for posting, and happy future posting.

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