Night of the Living Dead (1968 and 1990)

Night of the Living Dead house courtesy nightofthelivingdead.netThe original farm house from Night of the Living Dead (1968), from a screencap via Night of the Living Dead Net. Completists can enjoy the blurry old screencap that used to adorn this page here.


The house used in Night of the Living Dead (1966) was a farmhouse located near the Monongahela River and already slated for demolition prior to filming. A new house was eventually built on the same site as the old home. After the first home was torn down, nothing but a few pieces of siding remained. In the mid-2000s, a place was offering Halloween tours through the farmhouse, however, which I have to assume was a mock-up, but maybe was at the new house on the site. (Scroll down to George A Romero’s Fright Nights here.)


night of the living dead 1990
The gorgeous farm house from the 1990 remake, located in West Middletown, PA. I love this house as much as I love The Chicken Ranch.


  1. Can anyone confirm that the remake house is in West Middletown? IMDB state that its in East Buffalo which is on the other side of the state. W. Middletown seems like a more obvious choice being closer to Pittsburgh but I just wanted to make sure…?

  2. Hi tyler — When I was looking up photos, I found this link:

    It shows an overhead aerial view of the house and land, which it indicates is 6 KM from the center of Middletown. If you zoom out and find the road just to the right of the house, follow that road north to a highway. Then follow that highway west, you’ll end up at a small town/cluster of houses. Keep following that highway west and you’ll get to West Middletown.

    I’m not familiar with the area, and I can’t see the house very well, but it LOOKS like the one used in the film. There’s also a flickr feed here:

    Which shows West Middletown. I think the IMDb is wrong on this one. It’s wrong about a lot of things, actually.

  3. I had a feeling it was wrong! Thanks for your help! I think i must have searched the whole internet for the location and none sounded right. I thought for sure it was somewhere in Washington county! I’ve always loved both movies and growing up in Western PA my whole life, I’ve yet to go and see it for myself. It’s on my list of things to do. I wonder if they get used to people driving by like a tourist…

  4. I agree, it’s a beautiful house. There is a link on that Flickr account I mentioned that goes to a filming location website. They have some recent pics of the house and it still looks great. I’ve always loved large farmhouses with huge porches, especially wrap-around ones.

  5. I’d be willing to bet the address is very vague. That’s hardcore Pennsylvania farm country. They most likely have a P.O. Box. Another downside, they have a very long driveway which leads only to the house…would be pretty hard to even just drive by without freakin out some farmers. I’m sure they’re like “That was 20 years ago, get the hell over it!!” Sadly…I can’t. :)

  6. There may be what’s called a “911 address” for it. Around here, the rural roads were all given names and the houses numbers to make it easier for emergency services to find homes. I have no idea if PA is the same, though, and the 911 address probably wouldn’t help you find the house on an Internet map.

  7. Well, it’s been 5 years and randomly came across this again, and though i’d update for anyone else that comes across this. The house is located outside of Washington, PA in Washington County. West Middleton is the area. The cemetery from the movie is located a couple of miles further down the road. The Driveway to the house is recognizable from the trees that line it. I’ve heard that the owners are not welcoming to people wanting to see the house up close, but you can see it ok from the hill on the other side of the road from where their driveway is located. You really cannot see the house from the road.

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