1. Weird… I recognized the house right away as being the one from BURNT OFFERINGS. But, I have never watched PHANTASM (I probably shouldn’t admit that). Same house in both movies, huh?


  2. It’s the same building, yes. It was the funeral home in Phantasm, and it’s the hotel (I think, or house one character lives in) in So I Married An Axe Murderer. I probably should have mentioned SIMAAM in my post.

    The inside shots were done on a soundstage on Phantasm. I know this because the stage burned down during filming and they had to build it again.

  3. It’s a remarkable house but has one feature that was peculiar since the day it was built- the tall portico has three columns. It’s an almost unheard of thing in classical architecture as it puts one column right in the center where it might cover a doorway (if classical balance is observed) although the interpenetration of the lower porch obscures this.

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