The Blair Witch Project (1999)

the blair witch project houseThe Griggs House in Granite, MD, from The Blair Witch Project.


The Griggs House, used for the finale of  The Blair Witch Project, was abandoned for many years but allegedly in relatively solid condition until the film was released. After years of movie “fans” taking chunks of the historic 200-year-old house, the state couldn’t find anyone interested in the home, so it was demolished. So that’s nice.

For anyone interested in the house, the link above is an absolute must, with tons of pictures both inside and outside the building.


  1. Well that sure does stink. I love abandonded places, I love to go visit abandonded places but I absolutely hate it when people vandalize…abandonded places:(

  2. Too bad about the vandals.
    The night I watched BWP, it was very cold and windy. The cypress trees next to my house would groan when they swayed. Also, some raccoons had a pitched battle over a bag of garbage which I’d accidentally left by the porch. Despite the extra sound effects around the house on a dark and stormy night, I still hated the movie. All that gratuitouos swearing and shaky camerawork. They could have conveyed the idea with less.

  3. I love abandoned places as well, but anything abandoned really attracts the vandals.

    We rented Blair Witch one night and just as it got to the end, our phone rang. It was someone calling me at 9 PM at night asking me to come in for a job interview. Really ruined the atmosphere of the movie, which was on shaky ground to begin with.

  4. It’s sad because it was a very cool house. I quite liked the movie (although usually I dislike modern horror movies intensely), but it was the sort of idea that is only ever going to work once. I think the movie worked or me because getting lost in the woods is a major fear of mine!

  5. It wasn’t a real story. The Griggs House was a real house used for filming the movie, but there was never any haunting or witch story associated with the house.

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