1. How absolutely fascinating! Do they make a feature of the connection? If not, why bother moving it? But if so – what do they say?

  2. W.B. Kelso says:

    I remember reading about the Saw house being turned into a B&B awhile back. I can just picture some hardcore fan dining with an unsuspecting guest … “And that’s where Grandpa tried to brain her with a sledgehammer. And in that corner was a chair. A chair made out of arms! Arm chair. Get it!”

  3. Stacia says:

    Hi Matthew – I know the house was first moved in the late 1990s to Kingsland, which is about an hour away from the original location. The first owners’ BBQ restaurant closed several years ago, but some people online say they had Chainsaw “reunions” there before it closed. The new place, Junction House, has different owners and they do mention the movie on their webpage:


    WB, I had no idea there was an actual Saw house, I thought it was a set. I would have looked for that one if I’d realized!

  4. AsherKade says:

    Can I use this pic for an article I am writing for Environmental Grafitti? I am a freelance, compensated writer. I would link you and this site to the pic. Please let me know asap. Asher

  5. Stacia says:

    Hi Asher — It’s not my picture. You’ll want to contact blaznik at Flickr here:


    I’ll keep an eye out for your article!

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