Diana Dors: Sex Symbol

Miss Diana Dors: Singer, actress, and professional sexpot.

diana dors

diana dorsOne of my favorites.


diana dors


The photo shoot with this silver swimsuit must have lasted for days, considering how many pics are floating around.



dors1-4There is something very Ed Woodian about this one.




Yes, I was late again! And for my last entry on Diana Dors week, too. Today’s allegedly good reason is because I am in a tizzy, as some newbie film blogger is stealing my shtick! They’re becoming quite popular, too, because I am a genius, and even pale imitations of me glow like a uranium suitcase in the hands of a modern day Pandora. (Impressed? Of course you are. Excuse me while I practice the Queen’s wave…)

Speaking of being popular, as Bryce recently pointed out to me, I have hit and passed the 200 mark for Google Followers. Thank you all. I do appreciate it and I love every one of you, even if I get into tizzies and can only express myself in hipster sarcasm. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. “There is something very Ed Woodian about this one.”

    Well, natch. That’s referencing the one Woodian movie about troubled teens, or some shit, where the 27-year-old teen girls are firing guns out a classroom window and stuff and get shot by the cops or something. Hope this helps.

  2. Pfft. No movie references “The Violent Years” except maybe “Ed Wood,” but I don’t think even that does.

    I’ve not seen many of Dors’ early films, but I’m assuming this is a still from “Young and Willing” (1957).

  3. It would be hard to say Diana Dors was under-appreciated, but her acting really was – she had ability for sure. I liked her better in moving pictures – stills don’t really do her justice, altho her hair in the later films, like aluminized cotton candy, can be a distraction. Unlike say, Joi Lansing, who not only made stills seem like 3-D objects that were rising and falling with each breathy exclamation, Joi was incapable of innocent motion onscreen, even when she did real acting like in “Fountain of Youth”, and her hair was peek-a-boo slutty in a kinda well-finished fashion that looked perfectly natural, at least as far as that was possible for her.

    I suppose it would be close judgment on pulchritude, but the deep and dangerous canyon between Joi’s breasts could’ve swallowed a Napoleonic regiment, horses, cannons, and all – if anything Diana’s were less…threatening to the natural order, but as a sex-goddess, she was missing not a thing, and she actually got a few roles worthy of her acting, not something Joi ever really did get.

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