Gerda Maurus

You know when I said I’d see you on the New Year? I accidentally lied.

First of all, important notice: World O’ Crap has moved! Hackers hacked, that’s all I know. Now World O’Crap is at a new blog address. Go! Enjoy!

And now, some lovely Gerda Maurus for your between-holiday enjoyment. Few of these photos do her justice, by the way. She is much more dynamic in film than in stills.

Gustav von Wangenheim (sitting), Gerda Maurus, Fritz Lang behind her, and Gustal Gstettenbaur to the right, courtesy Gustav von Wangenheim Tribute Page.


  1. Scott C. says:

    Thanks for pointing to the new place, Stacia. We’ve been feeling a bit like Waldo lately.

  2. MJ says:

    Happy New Year from one of your Canadian fans!

  3. Tom Bangert says:

    I picked up Woman on the Moon by chance at the library–a nutty picture overall–but you’re right, GM is totally crush-worthy. How could someone so young have so much Earth-Mother magnetism? Wow.

    I like your work a lot. Besides coming here because I’m an old movie fan, I also come for inspiration abt blogging in general.

  4. Stacia says:

    “Frau im Mond” is on my definite To Watch list… but I have a feeling our library doesn’t have it.

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