Shatnerthon: The William Shatner Blogathon

shatnerthonIt’s summertime. Kids play in the streets, a warm breeze rustles the green leaves, bugs invade your home and form powerful alliances with your pets, and it’s time for Shatnerthon: The William Shatner Blogathon.

Yes, good friends, I am doing my first blogathon. Fingers crossed and all that. I’m seriously excited about this and, I can only hope, at least one other person is as well. Don’t make me force my husband to create a blog just so I have at least one participant!

The good news is that the rules are simple: Blog about William Shatner. Doesn’t matter what you blog about; anything that bears the golden touch of the Shatman is fair game. You could blog about movies, sure, but you could also blog about TV shows, interviews, musical performances, cartoons, satire, you could even send me a link to something you have already written and submit it for the Shatnerthon! That is how generous I am, my friends. Submit your entries to me in comments or via email, preferrably during the week of July 5th through 9th, but I’m not gonna turn down earlier submissions. I’ll post daily links to every submission I get.

And. AND! Everyone who submits an entry to the Shatnerthon will be entered into a random drawing for free DVDs! Two people will win a “Twilight Zone” compilation DVDs,shatnerthon - william shatner in the twilight zone either Volume 9 with “Nick of Time” or Volume 2 with “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.” These are an almost $6 value! Very exciting! Note you don’t have to tell me your name or anything unless you win, but if you do, you’ll have to give me some kind of address to send these to. You are welcome to give me a fake name if you’re concerned about privacy, though, but you can’t use the name “Italian Director Frappucino Tentacles” because I’ve taken that one already.

I know what you’re asking. Of all the blogathons you could have done, Stacia, why did you choose one about William Shatner? Well… why not? He’s been in terrible movies and terrific movies, given rotten performances and genuinely good ones, he is spoofed and praised and hated and loathed and everything in between. He’s complicated, and I like that in a cultural icon-slash-punchline.

The William Shatner Blogathon starts July 5th and runs through July 9th, giving plenty of time to those of you who can’t get anything in on the 5th, which is a U.S. federal holiday and the day after that special time of year when Americans blow shit up while drinking heavily.

And I got yer banners right here:

shatnerthon banner

shatnerthon banner

shatnerthon banner

shatnerthon banner

As you can see, they are all tasteful and solemn, just like the blogathon will be. There is something for everyone in these banners, from Trekkers to stoners to people who really really like rectangles.

Join me, won’t you?

UPDATE: Are you looking for a Shatflick to write about? IFC is showing “Kingdom of the Spiders” Monday, June 7th, at 11 PM Central. It’s a little tarantula heavy for my taste, but it’s a classic.


  1. Hooray! Ivan, there is SO MUCH to choose from. If you get IFC, “Kingdom of the Spiders” is on tonight. Scared the heck outta me as a kid.

    WB, “White Comanche” was on my shortlist for things to write about myself, but I went with some other films instead.

  2. Stacia, you are my new hero. This is so cool what you’re doing. Count me in. I just came across your blog today and I love it. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t find it sooner. But I am definitely down with the Shatner. And plenty of time to think of something to write about.

  3. I will definitely be linking you in the Shatner community I run on Livejournal.

    Considering Shatner in all his complications is one of my favorite subjects of all time, I have no idea what I’d write about. There’s just so much!

  4. Thanks Monty, I look forward to reading your entry!

    And Van, I’m going to assume that reply WAS your entry.

    my daroga, I’d love it if you’d link to the Shatnerthon! What’s the name of the LJ community?

  5. I haven’t been blogging long but I know a good -athon when I see one! Consider me in!

    July 5th can not get here fast enough!


    (Sorry,no one else said it so it was obligatory …)

  6. No you di’nt! You beat me to the punch. I had been floating the idea to emcee a blogathon around my favorite actor for quite some time. But I was hoping to build some critical cred before I went off and spent it all on Shatner.

    Anyway, consider me an avid participant as I’ve been stocking up some little seen gems of his that have recently shown on TCM for just such an occasion!

  7. Tony, you can do one too! There are no limits to how many Shatner blogathons can be held. Why? Because it’s Shatner.

  8. Great blog. And I love this Shatner Blogathon idea. I have posted about it on my front page. Hope the whole thing goes down well.


  9. I was hoping that Netflix would come through for me, and it finally has. Earlier this year I couldn’t get “Kidnapping of a President”, but now it’s on the way, and I can’t wait to watch it for the Shatnerthon!

  10. “Kidnapping of the President” is on Netflix? OMG “KIDNAPPING OF THE PRESIDENT” IS ON NETFLIX!

    Once I found that it was on a DVD with “Deathrow Gameshow”, I just ordered myself a copy. Thanks Zachary, I had been looking for a replacement to my old VHS copy of the movie, and now I have one! YAY!

  11. To my knowledge, no one has decided to do “TJ Hooker”, but only 3-4 people have let me know what they’re doing so far.

  12. Hi Stacia,

    I have some lins here, but I didn’t know how else to get them to you:

    Star Trek II

    Star Trek III

    Star Trek IV

    I tried to do a 4th post that sort of summed up Kirk in all of these movies, but the long weekend has killed that post. Sorry ;)

  13. Hello, I know am late but I’ve done some fanvideos tribute for the Shatner’s earlier work. These are the links on Youtube if you’re interested in!
    *Tribute #1 [with Rocket Man original song]

    *Tribute #2 Sexy Boy

    *Tribute #3 Shatner in Outer Limits series

    *Tribute #4 Shatner Twilight Zone mash-up

    I hope some of them may be tapped!

    BTW, congratulations on your blog, it’s fantastic!

    Who KNEW that Shatner was such a hottie back in the day! So fun, great Blogathon idea. Fantastic.

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