TCM Remembers 2010

This year’s TCM Remembers premiered yesterday, December 12th:

The direct link to TCM’s version is here. The song is “Headlights” by Sophie Hunger from the album “1983”.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Stacia. These are always lovely, but I think that the 2008 one (The one that used Joe Henry’s God Only Knows) is still the apex.

    This was lovely and God I miss Dennis Hopper so much.

    That said there’s one hell of an omission here. Namely where the hell is Sally Menke?

  2. Every year I am shocked and saddened by the harvest. As is always the case I didn’t know until now that we lost some of these greats. One by one the icons of the WWII and baby boom generations are passing away and leaving a void that cannot be filled.

  3. Not to sound morbid, but think of all the iconic stars from the ’70s now being in their 70s…Redford, Nicholson, Pacino, Hoffman etc. all still busy, bless ’em.

    Woosh! That’s time at our heels.

  4. Given some of the tragically uncanny combinations they put together (e.g. Graves-Billingsley-Nielsen), it’s a shame that they didn’t follow up Roy Ward Baker with Ingrid Pitt!

  5. I loved that one, Bryce. The 2006 one irritated me with the shots of some actress wandering around a house, because it detracted from the memorial clips. But 2007 and 2008 were both so good, that even though ’09 and ’10 were good, they just don’t quite measure up.

  6. Shady, every year there’s someone that surprises me, and this year it was Glenn Shadix. He apparently lost the home he had restored to fire in 2008, had been ill and in a wheelchair since late 2009, then died this year in a fall. It’s just terrible. I had no idea.

    Samuel, my husband saw this before I did and he said, “Hey, why didn’t you tell me ‘Airplane!’ died?!”

  7. These are always so gorgeous. The Academy Awards show should just buy the clip packages from TCM every year – they’re always so much better than the In Memoriam sequences.

  8. I am happy that they included Corey Haim, Peter Graves, and James MacArthur. This year’s Acadmey Awards in memoriam list
    (with the exception of Susannah York, Tony Curtis, and Jill Clayburgh) was very poor. Haim, Graves, and MacArthur were the three snubbings that I just didn’t understand. They lived and breathed acting and what do they get?

    That’s right nothing. Not only that but Corey Haim was snubbed at the SAGS and MacArthur was cheated.

    RIP Tony Curtis, Peter Graves, Kathryn Grayson, Jill Clayburgh, James Mac Arthur and most importantly Corey Haim; who I dedicated this montage to.

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