The IMDb: Now Slightly More Accurate!

In celebration of the IMDb finally correcting their entry for “The Locked Door” (1929) and removing Marie Prevost as a cast member, here are two promos from the film I forgot to post nearly 2 years ago:

I was told that the person who added Marie to the cast list had not contributed anything else to the IMDb, yet I’m steeling myself for the moment when they return and re-add Marie as “roomate.”

And yes, I hold a grudge like a brass ring.

I would like to also call your attention to Louie’s fine El Brendel blog. He has posted some promotional stills of El in drag for the short “Okay, Jose” which I recently blogged about. You want to go see them. Yes, you do. I guarantee you will not see anything more disturbing today.

Note: Posting will be light around here while I recover from the GI virus that is currently making the rounds.  Thank you, Thanksgiving holiday travelers, for bringing it to our fair city. Our town’s supply of illudium phosdex virii was alarmingly low.


  1. They are usually pretty good, but occasionally there is a big goof. The most frustrating is when you just finished watching a film that doesn’t exist in their database, but they won’t accept it because you don’t have information that you can’t obtain from the film itself.

  2. I agree, Jump Raven. I saw a lot of people with that exact problem on the IMDb help boards, which is where I had to go to finally get “The Locked Door” corrected.

    I used to contribute to the IMDb all the time, back when it was privately owned and you submitted items with a specially coded email. Adding a new movie wasn’t all that hard back then. Nowadays I see people being asked to send in paperwork and screencaps to get a movie added. Sheesh.

    It doesn’t surprise me TOO much, though, since when Amazon bought IMDb in 1998, my submissions no longer went through. I must have sent in thousands of submissions between 93 and 98, but nothing after Amazon took over, so it’s been 12 years since I bothered trying to correct the site. My experience with getting this one little item cleared up has NOT impressed me any.

  3. If it’s a small detail like when I got an anachronism removed from Three Times because it was non-digetic music, it was no trouble. However, I was shocked when they actually let me fill in the majority of the episodes for the first TV series in the Degrassi franchise. SHOCKED!

    At least they ask for your opinion about changes to the site before they do it their way anyways, lol.

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