Blogiversary IV: The Voyage Home

Four years ago today I started this crazy mixed-up blog, and not a day goes by when I don’t wonder what the hell I have gotten myself into. As has become tradition, I present a lovely selection of my favorite photos to celebrate SBBN’s fourth blogiversary:

Ann Sheridan, 1934

Constance Bennett

Edward Woods

Edwina Booth, Trader Horn
courtesy Film Noir Photos

Harold Lloyd

Genevieve Tobin

James Stewart and Lew Ayers in Ice Follies of 1939.

Ingrid Bergman and Isabella Rossellini

Judy Garland, 1940s


  1. It’s traditional to give linen and silk as a fourth anniversary gift but the modern style is to give appliances on the fourth.

    Would you like a toaster?

    I’d like to raise a toast to a fab four years of She Blogged By Night!

  2. Congratulations on your four year anniversary, Stacia. I’m three plus years into mine. Ann and Constance are two of my favorite actresses. Thanks for posting those pictures!

  3. Thank you everybody!

    Yes, Jimmy and Lew are uncharacteristically fabulous in that photo. You don’t usually see men from that era in gorgeous sequined tunics and tights.

  4. Given that 99.3% of all blogs don’t last beyond the “Select Blogger Template” stage, 4 years is an eternity. And I mean that in a good way. Happy blogiversary, Stacia!

  5. Thanks again guys. If all goes well, I should have all the photos and partially written blog posts I’ve accumulated over 4 years posted by 2015.

    When’s the world supposed to end again?

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