Guest Post from shahn of sixmartinis and the seventh art

Today I am truly pleased to present a delightful guest post by shahn of the irreplaceable sixmartinis and the seventh art. With her sharp eye and keen sense of design, shahn can distill the essence of a movie down to a few beautiful screen captures which are so lovely that you won’t even mind the occasional Hugh Herbert.

shahn has provided us with some lovely images from a variety of films. Also, El Brendel’s lawyers I would like to remind you that any secrets shahn has revealed in this post are not legally binding.


Bugsy Malone (1976)

Bugsy Malone (1976), detail

Hello blogosphere! I’m so happy to be here guest-blogging. Since I have such a wide audience, I wanted to make an announcement. I hope my host doesn’t mind me spilling the good news.

Stacia has claimed that she is on hiatus from her blog, but I wanted to be the first to reveal the true reason she is away. At this moment, she is touring Eastern Europe with a company presenting the ballet version of Okay, Jose! Stacia, of course, is playing the El Brendel part. You should see the fabulous Art Deco sets:

Show Kids (1935)

In order to prepare for her role, she first flew to Cuba with Sean Connery as her acting coach. I’m happy to say they took my suggestion to stay in my favorite hotel (in which I own a few shares. Completely coincidentally.)

The Shining (1980)

Hola, muchacha! I hear you’re gathering great reviews! Send postcards when you have the chance!

Cuba (1979)