Queer Film Blogathon: Pictures

While you’re waiting for more posts in the Queer Film Blogathon, enjoy these fine photos and links, won’t you?

Harvey Fierstein circa 1971.
Photographed by Gilles Larrain.
Courtesy the now-defunct Chateau Thombeau.


Farley Granger, Jane Powell and Roddy McDowall courtesy The Film Experience: Sal Mineo and Gay Hollywood.


Janet Gaynor and Margaret Lindsay on vacation in Hawaii. Snapshot courtesy Louie at Give Me the Good Old Days.


My favorite of the “Bachelor Hall” photos with Randolph Scott and Cary Grant, courtesy Garbo Laughs: The Curious Case of Cary and Randy.


Lizabeth Scott. More photos at Garbo Laughs.


Dirk Bogarde. See all Dirk all the time at Kate Gabrielle’s Dirk-Bogarde.com.