The Spiderpool

The history of the Spiderpool is the quintessential Hollywood story, a particularly American brand of fairy tale that begins with excess and eccentricity, wild parties and beautiful women. Like so many American dreams, it was over almost as soon as it began, and what was once celebrated became nothing more than crumbling remnants of exploitation, disappointment and lost dreams.

I Live My Life (1935)

Spunky, beautiful heiress Kay Bentley (Joan Crawford) decides to go ashore when her father’s yacht docks in the Greek Islands. While there, she meets handsome Irish archaeologist Terry O’Neill (Brian Aherne) on an important dig, and after the standard debutante flirtation-via-irritation method doesn’t work, she decides to try again the …

Happy Birthday to the Best Shatner We Could Ever Hope For

William Shatner Born March 22, 1931       Courtesy Star Trek Daily Pic                             Detail from the 1967 “Star Blecch” parody Shatner and Nimoy were reading in the pictures above. You can find my Flickr set …

Front Page Woman (1935) Photo Gallery

Front Page Woman (1935) Starring Bette Davis, George Brent and Roscoe Karns Credits: Bette portrait from Stirred, Straight Up, With a Twist; George, Bette and Roscoe from Doctor Macro; portrait of George and lobby card from Will McKinley; ad via mudwerks on Tumblr; yellow lobby card from Greenman2008 on Flickr.

King Kong (1933)

This exhibition print by noted Hollywood still photographer Ernest Bachrach is the best King Kong promotional ever.   Another Bachrach exhibition print. Bachrach did a notable series of photos of Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s. During his time at RKO, he did a lovely set of close-up stills on Katharine …

More of What We Need: Una Merkel

Una Merkel is terrific. Una is the savior of many a pre-Code musical and post-Code comedy, her sarcasm as wide as those big doe eyes of hers. Hollywood, especially the Hollywood Una resided in, was obsessed with glamour, and if a movie star wasn’t busy being fabulous they had better …

Halloween Cheesecake: 15 Pictures

Yesterday, I re-posted a 2010 entry of mine with Clara Bow in a host of Halloween-themed promotional pictures. Recently I found another from the set, and it inadvertently started off a lengthy search for Halloween props reused repeatedly in pictures over the years: That mask and the pumpkins from the …

Madam Satan (1930)

A little Madam Satan photo gallery for this delightful October morning. Above is the fashion sketch by Adrian for Madam Satan’s deadly ball gown.

Dracula (1931)

Dracula (1931) photo gallery

Camp & Cult Blogathon: The Lady From Shanghai (1947) photo gallery

It’s Day Four of the Camp & Cult Blogathon! Read everyone’s terrific entries for the ‘thon here at the main Camp & Cult Page ! I’m tweeting entries via my account @glitterninja, using the hashtag #sbbnccb if I can fit it into the tweet. If you have a post you …