TCM Remembers 2011

The TCM Remembers memorial video for 2011. Another difficult year, but to be honest, we feel this way every year. The song is “Before You Go” by OK Sweetheart.


  1. Michelle says:

    The song is gorgeous and perfect, I can’t figure out
    what it is and it’s making me crazy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The song is called “Before You Go” by OK Sweetheart

  3. HenryF5400 says:

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  4. HenryF5400 says:

    It does sound like Regina Spektor but in a TCM post today, araner1973 correctly pointed out that it is OK Sweetheart playing “Before You Go.”

  5. Kingo Gondo says:

    Thanks for posting, Stacia!

  6. Stacia says:

    Thanks guys! Someone else pointed out to me that the song sounded like Fascinoma, too. Thank goodness someone knew who it was, I love this song.

  7. So very sad…but we are richer for having known them…they endure beyond their passing.

  8. Scott says:

    That was lovely, thanks for posting. I will say, it’s a bit shocking to realize that young stars of the Nouvelle Vague are now fully qualified to die of old age.

    Verification Word: “torpo” – the laziest Marx Brother on Mars.

  9. Vanwall says:

    It was beautifully sad, like every year on TCM.

  10. Kingo Gondo says:

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  11. Kingo Gondo says:

    Is it too late the edit the reel? Bert Schneider just died. The man produced some of my favorite films of all-time. I will put The Last Picture Show up against anything from anywhere and anytime. RIP, sir.

  12. Mike Doran says:

    The perils of doing a year-ender with two weeks to go …

    … think they’ll be able to sneak Susan Gordon in?

    (best kid actor ever)

  13. Jessica I says:

    I thought TCM Remembers 2010 was better. Elizabeth Taylor and Farley Granger were good in their respective roles. But there were some problems. The song sounded like it was in Swedish or something. And the singer was awful.
    R.I.P James Arness, Anne Francis, Jackie Cooper, Jeff Conaway, Farley Granger, Maria Schnieder, David Nelson, and Elizabeth Taylor

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