Announcing The Camp & Cult Blogathon, Sept. 17-28

Everyone please join me for The Camp & Cult Blogathon here at She Blogged By Night, from September 17th through the 28th!

The Camp & Cult Blogathon is just as it sounds, a blogathon featuring campy films and cult movies. These don’t have to be universally-recognized camp or cult films; if you want to make a case for Gone With the Wind as camp or Citizen Kane as cult, go for it!

This is going to be a pretty laid back affair, something I hope will be a lot of fun and with minimal stress. First of all, there is no limit to how many people can post about a certain movie. If we end up with 27 entries on Eraserhead, that is super duper 100% A-OK. There will be no set schedule of posts, either. Jump in any time between September 17 and 28, with one post or more if you like, on any film you want to write about. If you have a blog that is already specializing in cult films or campy movies and have a post that just happens to go up in those 11 days, that’s fine, too.

I’ll be creating a special page on the blog for a master list of everyone who participates. You can either drop me an email with a link to your post or leave a comment and I’ll add you. Also during those 11 days, I am hoping to post about a film a day. Hey, stop laughing! I can hear you through the computer screen, and it wounds me.

Right now, I’m getting together a stack of all the camp and cult films I have, and I’ll put together a couple of polls so you, the viewer at home, can vote on some of the movies I’ll be blogging about. Also, if anyone has a movie they really want me to write about, please note that I take bribes.

If anyone needs some ideas on what might qualify for camp or cult, check out Now That’s What I Call Camp, vol 376 at Give ‘Em the Old Razzle Dazzle. I just came across Jon’s post a few days ago thanks to MJ at Infomaniac, and even if you’re not going to participate in the ‘thon, you want to check out that entry. Do it. Do it now.

And now, what everyone has been waiting for: The banners! You can use the one at the top of this post, too.

Please join me, everyone!


  1. For you, I’ll break the Sabbatical. Put me down for Streets of Fire — unless I think of something better. Which is unlikely.

    1. I honestly wondered if this would be during your sabbatical. Thanks for joining in, I’m really glad! If you end up deciding a sabbatical is more fun, trust me, I COMPLETELY understand.

  2. On that last picture, I calmy say, I GET THAT OBSCURE JOKE! YAY!

    I’ll try and do a film per day too! I’m lucky this is nearly a month away, I’ll have time to prepare!

  3. I’ve never participated in one of these “blogathons,” but I understand they’re the modern successor to the hootenannies of my youth, so I’d like to give it a try. Now I just need an appropriate movie, an acoustic guitar, a summer weight Orlon® mock turtleneck, and a can of The Dry Look® by Gillette™.

    1. My Dad and I caught some of the John Sebastian-hosted folk music special currently running on your local public TV station’s begathon, so I would be only too happy to join the hootenanny…I just so happen to know the lyrics to the Chad Mitchell Trio’s The John Birch Society, for starters.

      Okay…all seriousness aside. I am so in for this. I will do several movies, one of which I know will be Seconds. (The others are TBD.)

  4. (Captain Video gasps)…Lure of schlock…too powerful…to resist…must post…or…die…but what???
    Could do Reptilicus or Gorgo for tacky Occidental Kaiju thrills…
    Or warp innocent minds with John Wayne as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror…no, there are some things this planet is not ready for…
    Or go with Corman and Vincent in one of the Poe adaptations…
    Decisions, decisions…
    It shall be…
    Well, you’ll have to come over to the Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™ to find out…

  5. If I can get ahold of the 2007 Sci Fi channel Flash Gordon series, I might review all however-many-episodes of that for this. It’d count as camp, definitely, and probably cult as well!

  6. This is right up my alley (a dark, deserted one of course). I write an obscure blog on obscure B-movies, so please count me in. Thinking of doing Konga…

  7. I was thinking of doing a review for RAPE SQUAD, by far the campiest of the rape revenge films. I already have notes for it from a couple months ago. However, it might be too offensive for your crowd (or really any crowd), although rest assured my heart is in the right place (rape = bad). I could easily go with something else, but RAPE SQUAD has some of the best camp dialogue ever.

    Regular working man making conversation to another regular working man while on their lunch break: “rape is my favorite sport! A little rape once in a while makes life more enjoyable!”

    A rape activist overhears them and replies in footstomping fashion: “I’VE been raped, and believe me, IT WASN’T ENJOYABLE!!!”.

    Whatever you think is best. I wouldn’t want you to lose readers.

    1. Honestly, I think I’ve probably chased off anyone who is going to be offended by such things. I mean that literally: Years ago I had a relatively significant classic movie following, and boy did they NOT stick around SBBN for long when the naughty fuckwords and edgy movies started appearing!

      Long story short: Write what you want, I have no qualms about anything, I plan on putting up trigger warnings just in case, plus adding NSFW on the links if necessary. It should be fine.

  8. I think I’m probably in, though I’m going to have to be careful to avoid horror movies, given that next month is the October Horror Movie Challenge (You are invited to participate, btw).

    1. If you could participate, that would be great! If you’re busy, I completely understand, because I’ve been there.

      I won’t lie, I’ve been thinking about the Challenge! But I’m probably going to use the October through Winter Holiday months to get the Neil Diamond posts done. Which some would say qualifies as horror writing, now that I think about it.

        1. Great, thanks! I have added the link to the master list, and it’s past my bedtime so I will tweet about it & read it when I get up. SPOILER: I am going to sleep so late tonight, I swear. Zzzzzz…

    1. Absolutely! It’s never too late — the ‘thon goes until the 28th and I even take late submissions. Just post or email your links when they’re ready. Glad you’re joining us!

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