Announcing The Universal Backlot Blogathon at Journeys in Classic Film

Kristen of Journeys in Classic Film has announced The Universal Backlot Blogathon.

In Kristen’s own words:

Starting September 14th and running through the 16th, this blogathon will salute this studio tour. Have a review of a film that used the backlot (either completely or just for a scene counts)? Interested in the history of the site? As long as it pertains to Universal Studios Hollywood and the backlot it counts! You can comment below to sign up or email me at journeysinclassicfilm (at) Don’t worry if you don’t have a topic right now, I’ll place a formal call for topics about a month before the blogathon. Also, if you don’t have a blog that’s okay, I’m willing to host your post!

Several great blogs have already signed up, and I’m excited to read their posts. Make sure you check out both the links above for full information, and let Kristen know if you’re interested! I plan to write about a topic I have done some research on already, my goal being to make the topic fun and not sound like a social studies textbook, but I make no promises, kids.