Blogiversary V: Texas Blood Money

It appears that today is my fifth blogiversary, which is kind of scary but mostly frightening. It’s difficult to believe I’ve been doing this for five full years. Over the past few months, I have been replacing the old broken URLs of my photos at the SBBN archive with the new URLs, and while doing so I’ve had a chance to re-read my older posts. Boy, did I suck on ice when I started out. Not that I’m the second coming of Pauline Kael or anything now, but I like to think I’ve improved. Maybe I’ve even written that proverbial first million words, though I don’t know how that works with film criticism, although I imagine it involves semicolons and long strings of prepositional phrases.

In the time-honored tradition of all previous SBBN blogiversaries, I present a lovely assortment of some of my favorite photos collected over the years.

Edith Head and Gloria Swanson.

Boris Karloff, courtesy Dr. Macro.

Richard Schaal, Severn Darden and Del Close of Second City.

Robert Taylor.

1931 photo by Robert Coburn of a Hollywood camera crew.

Hitch’s usual sense of humor, courtesy Immoral Tales. He’s wearing two ties, one to go with his suit, the other to hang himself with. Such a practical man.


Thank you all for still being here.


  1. Happy fifth blogiversaey, your BBFFness! I’ve always thought your film criticism was first-rate (Pauline) but then again, a charge might be leveled at me that I’m a tad biased. Donettes and sangria for everybody!

  2. Congratulations! To us, the SBBN readers, I mean. After all, we’ve had five years full of fun, fashion, and eyebrow-quirking insights, while Stacia has had to do all the research, photo editing, and critical heavy lifting (plus deal with those cigarette burns in the polish after the party breaks up). If there were any justice in the virtual world, blogiversaries would be like Mother’s Day, and it would be our turn to bring her snarkfast in bed. However, in the absence of Justice (and Malice) I’ll just say, “Thanks,” and “Where’s Ivan with that sangria”?

    1. Thanks Scott, you’re too kind. By the way, the easiest method to deal with cigarette burns on the furniture is just to burn that shit with fire and buy new.

  3. Hooray! Tomorrow is my sixth “blog”iversary. So we’re practically “blog” twins except not. You’re so good at this! I honestly assumed you had been doing it a lot longer than me. Keep the good times coming! Thanks for all the entertainment, and for guiding me toward movies I might not have seen otherwise.

    1. Merci! I’m glad to have the source, and that site has terrific photos, thanks for linking it.

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