1. Happy birthday, Reeg! On a slightly related note: Me-TV is bringing Toomey’s signature TV series, Burke’s Law, back to its lineup this fall at 4am Saturdays. (Okay, it’s really Gene Barry’s show…but I laughed more at Regis than I did Gene.)

    1. I’ve noticed more people talk about Regis in that show than they ever talk about Gene, but that’s pretty common, I think. Like MTM Show or NewsRadio, the lead is kind of the foil for all the awesome people around them.

      Toomey was an absolute pro, no question. One of the things I love about his Creeps performance is that you know it’s a performance, but it’s also a JOB, and you can tell.

  2. His expression seems to say, “I wonder if a plane full of grenades crashed into my car, and the resulting series of explosions knocked it off a sheer hundred foot cliff where it landed on some jagged rocks and the impact caused the whole twisted mass of flaming wreckage to explode again, if that would kill me? (PAUSE) Naaah.

    1. Toomey lived to be 93 years old, but I think we all know he really just dropped out of sight for a while like any immortal would, then came back as Orlando Bloom.

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